Top Missing Chicago Movie Locations

#1  The First One Is From The Movie Running Scared. There Is A Scene Where The Main Characters Get Picked Up, While In Their Car, By A Garbage Truck. It Looks To Be In An Alley In Downtown Chicago.

#2  The Next One Was A Nice Looking House From The Movie Rent-a-Cop. I Am Guessing This In Somewhere In The North Suburbs.

#3  The movie Hoodlum The Production Did A Real Good Job In Hiding The Filming Locations. As Time Has Gone On More And More Of The Locations Have Been Found. This One Has Eluded Me So Far. It Was Illinois Gordon's Place Played By Chi McBride.

#4  In The Movie The Babe There Is A Scene That Was Suppose To Take Place In New Orleans Where Babe Ruth Is Leaving An Establishment Through the Back Alley Exit. I Feel This Is Around Wicker Park.

#5  In The Movie Bad Boys There Is A Scene That Takes Place In Front Of A Garage That Was Suppose To Be A Car Wash In The Movie. As The Car Leaves You Can See A Corner House. I Was Told It Is The Pilsen Area Of Chicago And The Garage Is Probably Torn Down But I Feel The House May Still Be There. There Is A Part Of Me That Feels This Was Up On The North Side.

#6  The Aftermath Of An Explosion In The Movie Chain Reaction Has Been A Tough Location For Me To Pin Down. I Was Told It May Have Been On The Southeast Side. It Was Open Area So It Makes Sense.

#7  In The Movie Save The Last Dance They Sneak Up A Fire Escape From An Alley In Downtown. They Were Suppose To Be Going To The Dance Studio. There Is A Building At The End Of The Alley That Is A Huge Key. If Someone Recognizes That Building It Should Be Easy To Find This Alley From There.

#8  In The Movie Chicago Cab There Are Two Missing Locations. One Is An Apartment Building Where The Cab Driver Is Suppose To Pick Someone Up In A Rough Neighborhood.

The Other One Was Where He Drops The Woman Off After She Was Sexually Assaulted. This One Is Suppose To Take Place North Of Lincoln Park.

#9  In The Movie The Company There Is A Scene That Takes Place In A Bar. Does Anyone Recognize The Bar?

#10  There Are Three Missing Locations From The Movie High Fidelity. The First One Is The Exterior Of Charlie's Building. It Is For Sure Not On Ohio Street As The Address Is Fake.

The Next One Is The Church For The Funeral. Looks Like A Small Chapel.

The Last One Is When He Sits On The Bench Out In The Rain. There Is Really Nothing To Go On To Figure This Out.

In The Movie Love Jones They Show An Apartment Building Exterior. Does Anyone Recognize It? I Am Guessing It Is On The North Side Of The City.

In Nothing In Common They Show The Entrance To A Random Hotel. I Have Never Seen It Before But If It Is Still Around I Feel It Will Be Downtown North Of The River.

In The Movie Payback They Show The Entrance To An Arena Where A Boxing Match Is Taking Place. This Could Be Chicago Somewhere Or Even Be In Los Angeles. It Has A Unique Look.


  1. The bus scene for High Fidelity was filmed at my house: 6101 N. Kilbourn Ave. Chicago, IL 60646 on June 18, 1999

  2. Last Rites Of Joe May The hospital is St. Francis hospital emergency entrance. Evanston, Illinois

  3. Bench in the rain picture is a Chicago suburb the bus sign says PACE. Chicago bus signs show CTA

  4. The building in the background of Save the last dance looks similar to the Berghoff at 17 West Adams

  5. I was an extra in The Express and got off the bus in that scene.. It was filmed in North Ave right by the Old Cardinal's residence which you can see in the background of that photo

    1. Hi, thank you for the location. Also, thank you for the story of being an extra. I have updated the site. If you want credit let me know. Thanks again.

  6. And, actually, now that I've taken a closer look at that image from The Express, that's Me getting off the bus - in the doorway with the tie on. What a coincidence!

  7. Iggy's Mother's House is in Evanston, Il. on Colfax St. between Ridge and Sherman. I grew up in the house next door at 827 Colfax.

    1. Thank you very much. My page is updated but the house looks to actually be 823 for the number.

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