Missing Los Angeles Television Locations

The Following List Of Missing Locations Are Not In A Most Wanted Order But Rather Listed By Show. There Will Be More Than 10 In This List But They Are All Still Important For Me To Find.

There Is A School Dance At A Gym. This Was In The 11th Episode From Season 1 And There Were Just Not Enough Views Of The Exterior To Figure This One Out. It Could Be Anywhere.

In The 15th Episode From Season 1 There Is A Gym Where They Play Wheelchair Basketball. The Gym Has A Similar Look To The Gym Seen During Gym Class But It Does Not Match. This Could Be Anywhere But They Filmed In Long Beach A Lot So That Is The Best Guess.

In The 18th Episode From Season 1 They Are In A Convenience Store. My Guess Is Possibly Culver City But That Is A Guess.

In the 2nd Episode From Season 1 there was a scene where there was a kidnapping in front of a warehouse. I am totally clueless on where this could be.

In The 14th Episode From Season 4 Dr. Greene Is Walking Along the Docks. I Believe This Is Around San Pedro But Could Not Pinpoint It.

Season 5 Episode 19 Jeanie Boulet Is Inside Of A Church. This Could Be Either Los Angeles Or Chicago

In The 6th Episode For Season 8 They Show Jackie's House. At First I Thought It Was Somewhere In The Adams District But Now I Am Not Sure.

In Season 9 Episode 9 Abby Leaves Her Brother In A Facility. I Assume This Is Chicago But There Is An Outside Chance This Is Los Angeles

In The 16th Episode From Season 9 They Show What Is Suppose To Be A YMCA Gym. This Could Be Los Angeles Or Chicago

In Season 11 Episode 3 There Are Kids Playing Soccer In A Park. My Guess Is Somewhere In The Valley. Possibly Burbank.

In Season 11 Episode 9 They Show The Chen Residence. Very Little To Go On Here.

Season 11 Episode 20 There Is A Scene In A Church. This Could Be Either Los Angeles Or Chicago

In The 2nd Episode From Season 12 They Show A Swimming Pool. This Could Be Los Angeles But I Think This May Be In Chicago.

In The 7th Episode From Season 13 Dr. Pratt Is In A Church. I Assume This Is In Chicago But Again It Could Be Los Angeles

In Episode 21 From Season 15 They Show A Small Gym. I Assume It Is Around Warner Bros.


  1. the police station looks like the same one soa uses, It's Sunland heading into lake view terrace sun valley area. As for the park looks like one in la crescent but not Bolton hall.

  2. Nice site. I work as a location manger and scout and agree with your assessment that Gala Thai is probably not the Golden Spoon. One might argue it is about angles but i can't see that angle anywhere esp as it sits at a cross street. Also the roof line is not exact and the sidewalk is slightly smaller in the screen grab. If anything the road would have widened. My guess is it is probably gone as well. If you are still searching it probably resides on the south side of Ventura Blvd East of Laurel Canyon. Other establishing shot locations are nearby and the show was modeled after Studio City/Sherman Oaks. The hillside and power lines are similar. And many of the lower hillside homes were built in the years since the 70s. Good luck.

  3. Episode 2 from Season 1 of Charmed looks a lot like Universal backlot.

  4. In The First Episode Of Season 7 Dr. Carter Checks Into Rehab. This Could Be Either Los Angeles Or Chicago - That is the Clark Residence in LA.

  5. Last Episode of ER -Dr Carter Shows off his new facility. Most definitely the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce 350 South Bixal . Most of us Location Scouts would recognize the mural in the lobby, and the unique front door with high windows. This building is also popular in film and tv due to proximity, next to LA Center Studios