Welcome To The Filming Location Page For The Television Show 9-1-1

This Page Will Be About The Past Filming Locations From The Television Series 9-1-1.  I Will Be Listing The Filming Locations For All Of The Episodes.  Click On The Season To View All Of The Episodes From That Season.  I Plan To Have All Of The Old Episodes Up Within The Next Month.

I Am NOT Affiliated With The Show And Have No Idea When And Where Future Episodes Are Filmed.  I Stopped Adding Episodes When I Saw The Interest Level Was Low.

  • The Fire Department / 4506 Cutter Street, Los Angeles (Note: This Building Is Just A Warehouse That The Producers Made The Interior Into A Fire House)

This Picture Is From Google Street View Capturing The Building With The Door Open Showing The Fire Trucks Inside

  • The Call Center Exterior / 2909 Fletcher Drive, Los Angeles (Note: The Screen Shots Were Taken From A Season 5 Episode When The Call Center Caught Fire)


  1. Love your site. Thank you so much. I am trying to find the location for the retirement home in 9-1-1 where they do a segment on STD's among the elderly. Season 3, episode 1. Any idea? I assume it is in Los Angeles somewhere, and likely not a retirement home at all. Thanks.

  2. Hello, i'm wondering if you can tell me the exact name and place of the church where Bobby is visiting during his recovery and confession? =) TIA!

    1. That is 3611 Wilshire boulevard st basil catholic church

  3. the warehouse is permantely closed

  4. Im one that wants to find out every filming locations for all the seasons