Top Missing Los Angeles Movie Locations

#1  In The Movie The Terminator There Is A Scene Where They Hide Out In A Tunnel. I Believe This Is Somewhere In Griffith Park Probably Near The Zoo. Just Finding the Correct One Is The Tough Part.

#2  In The Movie American Pie There Is A Cute Scene Between Oz And Heather At The Sandwich Shop Where Oz Works. I Was Told It Could Possibly Be Monrovia Or Pasadena. The Scene Is Mainly Shot From The Inside Of The Building And That Makes It Tough To See Much Plus It Takes Place At Night.

#3  In The Movie Harlem Nights They Show A House At The End Of The Movie. The House Is Real But The Water And City Skyline Are Fake. I Was Told It Was In West LA But It Could Also Be Santa Monica Or Culver City Too.

#4  I Am Looking For Bo Richards House From The Movie The Boys Next Door.  The Location Manager Said It Is Somewhere In The Hollywood Area.

#5  In City Of Angels There Is A Scene That Takes Place In A Convenience Store Of Some Kind.  The Angels Are There To Protect The Cashier During A Robbery.

#6  In The Movie Blue Chips They Show A House With A 732 Address On It. I Assume This House Is Either In Hancock Park Or Around UCLA. I Have Not Had A Chance To Look For This House.

#7  There Is A Missing Location From A Little Known Movie Called The Amateurs. The Missing Location Is An Ice Cream Shop With A Fake Name. The Sign Looks Like A Foster's Freeze But Which One Is It Will Be The Question.

#8  In The Movie The Last Boy Scout There Is A Scene Where The Car Blows Up And They Roll Down A Hill To Avoid The Explosion. So Far I Have Not Found It.

#9  Is From The MovieThe Movie Partners.   It Is  Is A House Probably In The Hollywood Hills.

#10  In The Movie She's Out Of Control I Am Missing Two Houses. One Is A Mansion And The Other Looks Like A House On A Corner.

The Rest Of The Los Angeles Area Missing Locations

In Wayne's World 2 They Show The Exterior Of The Aurora Parks And Recreation Department. I Always Figured This Was In The Valley Somewhere. Monrovia Area.

In The Movie Colors There Is A Bust At A Small Red House With A 137 Address.  I Figured It Would Be Easy But I Have Not Found It In Watts Or In San Pedro

In The Movie Cop There Is A Scene That Takes Place At An Eatery.  I Thought This One Would Be Easy But No Luck

In The Movie Crazy Beautiful There Is A House That Hosted A Party.

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  1. 10 the big White House looks very similar to the house on 1326 Chelton Way South Pasadena CA