Bad Boys (1983)

Thank You To Owen From The When Write Is Wrong Website For Figuring Out Where The High School Was Located

Thank You To Michael From The Filminglocs Website For Finding The Walenski Residence

  • (0:03)  Mick O'Brien Stealing A Lady's Purse From Her Car After Breaking Her Car Window / North Rush Street And E. Delaware Place, Chicago (Note: She Is Driving West On Delaware And When He Takes The Purse He Runs North On Rush And Hides Out In An Alley. Most Everything Has Changed Since The Movie Was Made And Really Isn't Recognizable Now. The Alley Is No Longer There And Delaware Is Now A One Way Street So Now She Would Have Been Driving The Wrong Way On A One Way Street. My Pictures Show How Much The Area Has Changed)

  • (0:08)  Paco Moreno Talking With His Father About A Job While Standing On The Sidewalk / 1740 W. 18th Street, Chicago

  • (0:10)  The High School / William Cullen Bryant School; 1355 S. Kedvale Avenue, Chicago (Note: This Is Just An Educated Guess But If You Look Really Close You Can See "Bryant School" On The Building. Also, If True This Building Has Since Been Torn Down)

  • (0:17)  Paco's Family Residence / 1831 S. Racine Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:18)  Paco And His Cronies Walking By A Mural As The Car Slowly Follows Them / 1206 W. 18th Street, Chicago (Note: This Mural Is Now Pretty Faded And It Is On The Southwest Corner Of 18th Street And S. Racine Avenue)

  • (0:20)  The Shootout / 2875 W. Cermak Road, Chicago

  • (0:21)  Mick Runs Over Paco's Relative While Trying To Elude The Police / 2755 W. Cermak Road, Chicago (Note: He Was Traveling South On South California Avenue When He Turns And Runs Down Paco's Little Brother. Since The Movie Was Made The Spot Is Not As Wide As It Was In The Movie As You Can See By My Picture)

  • (0:22)  The Juvenile Prison / Illinois Youth Center St. Charles; 4450 Lincoln Highway, St. Charles, IL (Note: This Road Is Also Called Route 38. This Is A Mile West Of Peck Road And The Facility Is On The North Side Of The Road)

  • (0:38)  The Walgreens Where J.C. Walenski Works / Northeast Corner Of N. Broadway And W. Wilson Avenue, Chicago (Note: This Building Has Since Been Torn Down And Replaced With A Different Building)

  • (0:38)  J.C. And Her Father Walking Along The Lake / Lakefront Trail, Chicago (Note: This Is Roughly East Of Where North Blvd Ends)

  • (0:41)  The Car Wash Where The Revenge Drive-By Takes Place / Still Searching For This Location

  • (0:52)  J.C. Nervously Running To The El Station Because Of Paco's Presence / Wilson Station; 4620 N. Broadway, Chicago

  • (1:01)  J.C. Coming Out To The Street From The El Station / Sheridan Station; 3940 N. Sheridan Road, Chicago (Note: She Starts Out Walking South From The Station. In The 2nd Screen Shot The Building She Is Walking By Has Since Been Torn Down As It Stood On The Northwest Corner Of Broadway And Montrose)

  • (1:02)  Paco Sexually Assaulting J.C. Under The Elevated Train Tracks / 1050 W. Montrose Avenue, Chicago (Note: This Is Just A Guess As Too Much Has Changed In The Area To Be Sure)

  • (1:16)  The Walenski Residence / 936 N. Wolcott Avenue, Chicago

  • (1:18)  The Prison That O'Brien Is Shown While Trying To Scare Him Straight / Stateville Correctional Center; 16830 Broadway Street, Crest Hill


  1. the high school is lakeview h.s. on irving park and ashland

    1. Hi thank you for the info but the building don't match. My friend and I believe the school has been torn down.

    2. I think the outside of the building is William Cullen Bryant School 1355 S. Kedvale - I taught there in 1967-69 and it looks like that building. I'm not sure about the inside as I don't think there were lockers inside the school as it was an elementary school. The school was torn down several years ago.

    3. I found a photo from 1969 of Bryant School and it is the same entrance as in the picture.

    4. My friend went to Kelly H.S. on the south-side and said that was his school. I'm not sure if this is fact, but maybe worth looking into.

    5. The name "Bryant" is clearly visible above the door & the windows perfectly match those of Bryant. If I could, I would post a picture of my wife standing in front of that dooir.

    6. On classmates . com they show a picture of the school as in the picture above as William Cullen Bryant School 1355 South Kedvale Avenue, Chicago, IL. Google streets shows an empty lot where the school was. I am in the picture above. I remember the school was in a very bad neighborhood. If we stayed after dark we had to be locked in the school overnight. The production company has security but they couldn't ensure safety leaving so they didn't allow it. wish I would have stayed maybe I'd be making movies now.

  2. the juvenile facility is at 4450 lincoln highway in st charles il

  3. Hi Chas. I love what you do's great to follow along with my fave Chicago movies. I have a question though. At the 1:01 mark, you say that J.C. is coming out of the El station at 3940 Sheridan then walks south. That particular station is on Sheridan south of Irving Park. Therefore, if she walked out of that El station and headed south, it is not logical that she would have walked past a building at Broadway and Montrose as that intersection is several blocks north - 4300 North. The location further north would actually also be more consistent with the next scene if the El tracks in that scene are indeed located at 1050 W. Montrose as that location is a block west of the Broadway/Montrose/Sheridan intersection. Is that a continuity problem in the film?

  4. Nice job. Precise on the Juvenile Prison/Detention Center. I live 4 minutes from there, in St Charles IL. I just watched the movie just because I was so excited to see what it looked like in the early 80s. I've driven by it probably 3,000 times. Do you know if they filmed the interior scenes at the same juvenile center in St Charles IL?

  5. The walgreens where j.c. worked is now a place called city sport and the wilson red line is fixing to change since the cta is rebuilding it.
    Source: im from uptown

  6. I believe there was also filming of the correctional facility scenes at a location in Michigan City