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Welcome To The Filming Locations Page For The Television Show "My Name Is Earl." I Have Divided The Locations Into Four Categories. There Are About 50 Total Locations Added And In My Opinion Were The Most Memorable From the Series. Some Of the Locations Listed Can't Be Accessed By The General Public Which I Have Noted.

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  1. My Name Is Earl
    8101 Langdon Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406
    Season 1 episode 14, Monkeys in space.
    About 17:45 mark
    Is the apartment location where Earl pulls over to put eye drops in Hank Lang's (#18 on the lists) grandmother. And I believe where she lives.
    Looks pretty much the same.

  2. My Name Is Earl
    18505 Sherman Way, Reseda, CA 91335
    Season 1 episode 13, Stole P's HD Cart.
    About 1:45 mark
    Is the location where they stole the necklace from the shop.

  3. My Name I Earl
    18525 Sherman Way, Reseda, CA 91335
    Season 1 episode 13, Stole P's HD Cart.
    About 2:20 mark
    Is about where the camera was on the sidewalk, (facing west) filming them walking towards the camera after stealing the necklace.

  4. My Name Is Earl
    450 S Bixel St, Los Angeles, CA 90017
    Season 1 episode 13 Stole P's HD Cart.
    About 14:30 mark
    Is the location where they were walking into Winky Dinky Corp. HQ
    Its really the back part of Los Angeles Center Studios. The camera was facing east towards downtown as they walked west on that walkway.

  5. My Name Is earl
    Woodley Ave. (between Burbank Blvd and Victory Blvd) Google earth has it as Woodley,Ca but its near Sherman Oaks.
    They used this road in multiple episodes.
    One episode was season 1 episode 15,
    Something to live for.
    About the 6:00 mark, although they fimed that same scene at another location that I'm yet to find, but don't worry I have plenty of time to waste finding it.

  6. My Name Is Earl
    About 7719 N.Balboa Blvd.,Van Nuys,Ca.
    Season 2 episode 9 Born a Gamblin' Man.
    About the 19:05 mark
    Is the location where Catalina gets arrested. Its a side street that runs alongside Balboa Blvd and is right across the street from the location where they filmed some of exterior of the crab shack. 7700 Balboa Blvd.

    1. Also in season 1 episode 17, Didn't Pay Taxes, 7700 Balboa Blvd. is also where Earl walks out of the Government office at about the 19:30 mark and gets on the bike with Randy. (you can see the Public Storage next door as they ride away), this is actually Occidental Studios.

  7. My Name Is Earl
    16919 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91406
    Season 2 episode 22, Get a Real Job
    The appliance store where they work is real, Waadt Appliance.
    As Mr. Waadt enters the store at about 10:00 mark you can see the buildings across the street are the same ones on google earth street view.

  8. In, THE OFFICE,(ON NETFLIX its season 4 episode 9- Dinner Party)
    At about the 20:08 mark it cuts to Jim and Pam in their car eating.
    That's 7615 Reseda Blvd, which is Winky Dinky Dog from My Name is Earl!

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  11. My Name Is Earl
    Season 1 Episode 9, Cost Dad an election.
    13626 Sherman Way Van Nuys, Ca.
    About the 13 minute mark they cut to
    the front of Earls dads U-frame-it store.
    If you look over Randy's shoulder when he gives the lady a cookie you can see a chevron and a taco bell, which is now a 76 and a starbucks. If you google earth street view you can still see on the back wall it says U-frame-it on the wall which was in the show.