I Have Everything Listed By Season And Then They Will Be Listed By Episode Title. Some Episodes Didn't Feature Any New Locations So They Will Be Marked That Way. Also, I Will Usually Only List A Particular Location Just One Time.  

During The Middle Seasons They Had A Lot Of Scenes Filmed At The Since Demolished Ray Art Studios In Canoga Park.  I Will Mark Some Of The Scenes But There Are Others Filmed There That I do Not Mention Since They No Longer Exist.  Also, Season 7 and Season 8 Were Mostly Filmed At Paramount Studios So there Are Times They Kept Filming At The Same Place So Some Of Those Places Were Not Included.

Halliwell Manor / 1329 Carroll Avenue, Los Angeles


  1. great insight never would have guessed none of charmed was ever filmed in san fransico! guess that makes me a little silly! still this is a great gallery of all the most greatest of ideas on what witches do, or rather that what people think they should do!! love to know where 'a witches tail,' was really filmed.

  2. This is perfect!!! Thank you so much!!!! :D It'll be fun to visit these places