Charmed: Season 2

Episode 1; Witch Trial

Episode 2; Morality Bites

Episode 3; The Painted World (No New Locations)

Episode 4; The Devil's Music

Episode 5; She's A Man, Baby, A Man

Episode 6; That Old Black Magic

Episode 7; They're Everywhere

Episode 8; P3 H2O

Episode 9; Ms. Hellfire

Episode 10; Heartbreak City

Episode 11; Reckless Abandon

Episode 12; Awakened (No New Locations)

Episode 13; Animal Pragmatism

Episode 14; Pardon My Past (No New Locations)

Episode 15; Give Me A Sign

Episode 16; Murphy's Luck

Episode 17; How To Make A Quilt Out Of Americans

Episode 18; Chick Flick

Episode 19; Ex Libris

Episode 20; Astral Monkey

Episode 21; Apocalypse, Not

Episode 22; Be Careful What You Witch For (No New Locations)


  1. Re Episode 15 at the "California County Jail." I believe this is the receiving entrance at the old Sybil Brand Institute for Women, 4500 East City Terrace Drive, Monterey Park (Los Angeles), CA. The camera shots were taken behind a wall and gate and thus cannot be seen from the street, though the outside of the wall and gate can be seen. I recognize this from other movie and TV shows this location has been used for, including the 1976 TV movie Helter Skelter. This was actually the place where Manson family member Susan Atkins was held prior to her trial on the Sharon Tate murder case. According to the Wikipedia article, it ceased being uses in the 1990s. It appears the facility is used for other purposes now as many police cars (county sheriff's deputies?) can be seen in Google Earth.

  2. In Episode 18, one of the theaters they use is the Winnetka 21 pacific theater on Winnetka Ave and Prarie

  3. The theatre pictured in Ep 18 is New Beverly Cinema. It's owned by Quentin Tarantino.

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