Charmed: Season 4

Episode 1 And 2; Charmed Again

Episode 3; Hell Hath No Fury

Episode 4; Enter The Demon

Episode 5; Size Matters

Episode 6; A Knight To Remember

Episode 7; Brain Dead

Episode 8; Black As Cole

Episode 9; Muse To My Ears

Episode 10; A Paige From The Past

Episode 11; Trial By Magic

Episode 12; Lost And Bound

Episode 13; Charmed And Dangerous

Episode 14; The Three Faces Of Phoebe

Episode 15; Marry Go Round

Episode 16; The Fifth Halliwell

Episode 17; Saving Private Leo

Episode 18; Bite Me

Episode 19; We're Off To See The Wizard

Episode 20; Long Live The Queen

Episode 21; Womb Raider

Episode 22; Witch Way Now

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  1. I think it's really cool for all the tracking you have done.