Charmed: Season 8

Episode 1; Still Charmed And Kicking

Episode 2; Malice In Wonderland

Episode 3; Run, Piper, Run

Episode 4; Desperate Housewitches

Episode 5; Rewitched (No New Locations)

Episode 6; Kill Billie: Vol. 1 (No New Locations)

Episode 7; The Lost Picture Show

Episode 8; Battle Of The Hexes

Episode 9; Hulkus Pocus

Episode 10; Vaya Con Leos

Episode 11; Mr. And Mrs. Witch

Episode 12; Payback's A Witch

Episode 13; Repo Manor (No New Locations)

Episode 14; 12 Angry Zen (No New Locations)

Episode 15; The Last Temptation Of Christy

Episode 16; Engaged And Confused

Episode 17; Generation Hex

Episode 18; The Torn Identity

Episode 19; The Jung And The Restless (No New Locations)

Episode 20; Gone With The Witches (No New Locations)

Episode 21; Kill Billie: Vol. 2 (No New Locations)

Episode 22; Forever Charmed (No New Locations)

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  1. Phoebe being asked out by Michael is a building on the Paramoount backlot. It is seen in Season 7 as the Strong Arms Apartment building.