Chicago PD: Season 7

Episode 1; Doubt

Episode 2; Assets

Episode 3; Familia

Episode 4; Infection

Episode 5; Brother's Keeper

Episode 6; False Positive

Episode 7; Informant

Episode 8; No Regrets

Episode 9; Absolution

Episode 10; Mercy

Episode 11; 43rd And Normal

Episode 12; The Devil You Know

Episode 13; I Was Here

Episode 14; Center Mass

Episode 15; Burden Of Truth

Episode 16; Intimate Violence

Episode 17; Before The Fall

Episode 18; Lines

Episode 19; Buried Secrets

Episode 20; Silence Of The Night


  1. Episode 15 What church was used in this episode and where is it located?

  2. all episodes are very interesting and interesting, I look forward to the sequel


  3. My husband is hooked with the show. Now he wants to visit Chicago. Thanks