Chicago PD: Season 7 - Episode 20; Silence Of The Night

  • (0:00)  Halstead In The District Parking Lot; Cinespace Studios; 2609 W. 16th Street, Chicago (Note: The Studio Is On Gated Private Property)

  • (0:02)  Atwater Waiting Outside Of The Warehouse To Make The Undercover Buy / 2510 W. Maypole Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:09)  Atwater Back To Make That Bust With Tom Doyle / 2510 W. Maypole Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:13)  Doyle And Atwater Waiting For The Light To Change When Doyle Spots What He Thinks Is A Drug Deal / 1310 E. 75th Street, Chicago (Note: The Scene Begins At E. 75th Street And S. Kimbark Avenue)

  • (0:23)  Detaining Jamal Pierce / 2317 W. 23rd Street, Chicago (Note: This Is The Address For School Next To The Alley)

  • (0:30)  Voight Meeting With Sergeant Kenny Near The Lake / Carefree Boat Club; 3155 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago (Note: This Is Part Of The 31st Street Beach)

  • (0:40)  Atwater Being Harassed By His Fellow Officers Outside Of His Residence / 4200 S. Normal Avenue, Chicago (Note: The Camera Is Looking East On W. 42nd Street)

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