Chicago PD: Season 7 - Episode 7; Informant

  • (0:01)  Responding To A Double Shooting / 1921 S. Drake Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:03)  Voight Talking To Darius Walker About The Deal To Be An Informant / 1436 W. Taylor Street, Chicago

  • (0:06)  Upton Meeting Up With Her Informant Cam Barlow / 63rd Beach Park; 6300 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

  • (0:10)  Upton And Her Informant Meeting With Book Barr In A Parking Garage To Do A Drug Deal When Book Changes Plans / Teamster's Garage; 1640 W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago

  • (0:30)  Barr Ramming The Car In Front Of Him To Try To Get The Drugs But It Backfires / 3968 S. Langley Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:22)  Walker Meeting With Mackey / Chicago's Home Of Chicken And Waffles / 3947 S. King Drive, Chicago

  • (0:25)  Barlow Asks For Upton To Meet Him But Things Go Wrong Quickly / 1310 E. 75th Street, Chicago

  • (0:31)  The Unit Watching An Unusual Drug Deal Go Down As Walker Does It His Way / 2500 S. Hillock Avenue, Chicago

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