Chicago PD: Season 2

Episode 1; Call It Macaroni

Episode 2; Get My Cigarettes

Episode 3; The Weigh Station

Episode 4; Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw

Episode 5; An Honest Woman

Episode 6; Prison Ball

Episode 7; They'll Have To Go Through Me

Episode 8; Assignment Of The Year

Episode 9; Calling In Dead

Episode 10; Shouldn't Have Been Alone

Episode 11; We Don't Work Together Anymore

Episode 12; Disco Bob

Episode 13; A Little Devil Complex

Episode 14; Erin's Mom

Episode 15; What Do You Do

Episode 16; What Puts You On The Ledge

Episode 17; Say Her Real Name

Episode 18; Get Back To Even

Episode 19; The Three Gs

Episode 20; The Number Of Rats

Episode 21; There's My Girl

Episode 22; Push The Pain Away

Episode 23; Born Into Bad News


  1. Saw them shooting a scene today at the intersection of W Polk and S Clinton

  2. i saw them shooting a scene 9/10/2015 on 85th and Kostner

  3. I saw Chicago PD shooting a scene on 9/10/2015 on 85th and Kostner

  4. love watching the show and seeing my hometown!