Chicago PD: Season 2 - Episode 8; Assignment Of The Year

  • (0:00)  Detective Dawson Working Security In Front Of A Sex Club / 24 E. Goethe Street, Chicago (Note: Obviously This Isn't A Real Club)

  • (0:02)  Detective Dawson Takes Asher Roslyn To A Gas Station And Dawson Comes Back From Buying Cigarettes To Find Him Murdered / 1004 S. Desplaines Street, Chicago

  • (0:15)  Dawson And Officer Roman Visit Wells At His Jewelry Store / 3611 W. 26th Street, Chicago

  • (0:19)  Officers Burgess And Atwater Watching Layla Roslyn Leave Her Nail Salon Appointment / 875 N. Rush Street Walking Toward E. Delaware Street, Chicago

  • (0:27)  Dawson And Roman At A Loan Shop / 1720 S. Loomis Street, Chicago

  • (0:28)  Burgess Watching Layla Roslyn From A High-Rise Parking Garage / 901 N. Rush Street, Chicago (Note: Layla Was Walking East From 40 E. Delaware Street As Burgess Was Looking West)

  • (0:30)  Layla Slips Away From Burgess And Atwater / 3750 S. Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:31)  Dawson Arresting Terry Next To The Museum Of Natural History / 445 E. Mcfetridge S. Drive, Chicago (Note: The Action Starts On The North Side Of The Museum And Ends On The West Side)

  • (0:35)  Dawson Meeting With Layla In Front Of The Police Station / UIC Police Station; 943 W. Maxwell Street, Chicago


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