Chicago Fire: Season 3

Episode 1; Always

Episode 2; Wow Me

Episode 3; Just Drive The Truck

Episode 4; Apologies Are Dangerous

Episode 5; The Nuclear Option

Episode 6; Madmen And Fools

Episode 7; Nobody Touches Anything

Episode 8; Chopper

Episode 9; Arrest In Transit

Episode 10; Santa Bites

Episode 11; Let Him Die

Episode 12; Ambush Predator

Episode 13; Three Bells

Episode 14; Call It Paradise

Episode 15; Headlong Toward Disaster

Episode 16; Red Rag The Bull

Episode 17; Forgive You Anything

Episode 18; Forgiving, Relentless, Unconditional

Episode 19; I Am Apocalypse

Episode 20; You Know Where To Find Me

Episode 21; We Called Her Jellybean

Episode 22; Category 5

Episode 23; Spartacus


  1. is it true "mollies" is a set now rather than" lotties"?

  2. They are rarely filming in Bucktown this season. Mostly South Side locations but with the occasional shoot in Logan Square and West Town.