The Terminator

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  • (0:05)  The Arrival Of The Terminator / Griffith Park Observatory; 2800 Observatory Road, Los Angeles

  • (0:06)  Kyle Reese Arriving In An Alley / Between 212 And 214 W. 7th Street, Los Angeles

  • (0:12)  Sarah Connor's Work Place / Carrows Restaurant; 815 S. Fremont Avenue, South Pasadena

  • (0:13)  The Gun Shop Where The Terminator Gets Guns / 14329 Victory Blvd, Van Nuys (Note: There Is Now A Car Lot There)

  • (0:14)  The Terminator Throwing A Man Off Of A Pay Phone And Looking For Sarah Connor's In The Phone Book / 14329 Victory Blvd, Van Nuys (Note: This Is Right Back In Front Of The Same Gun Store In The Earlier Scene)

  • (0:16)  The Terminator Going To The House Of The Wrong Sarah Connor / 14239 Gilmore Street, Van Nuys (Note: The House Has Since Been Torn Down And Is Now Replaced By An Apartment Building)

  • (0:28)  Sarah Going Into Tech Noir To Get Away From The Following Kyle Reese / 720 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles

  • (0:29)  The Terminator Going To Sarah's Apartment Building / 420 S. Lafayette Park Place, Los Angeles

  • (0:48)  Leaving The Parking Garage After Shooting At Each Other / Department Of Water Parking Garage; 885 W. 1st Street, Los Angeles (Note: The Building Seen Across The Street In The Second Screen Shot Is Located At 880 W. 1st Street So Figured The Address For This Entrance Was 885)

  • (0:49)  The Terminator Crashing The Police Car In The Tunnel At The End Of The Chase / Lower Grand Avenue, Los Angeles (Note: The Terminator Hit The Wall At The Northern End Of The Tunnel Real Close To The General Thad Kosciuszko Way Intersection)

  • (0:59)  The Terminator Driving A Car Into The Police Station / Still Searching For This Location

  • (1:04)  Kyle Reese And Sarah Connor Hiding In A Small Tunnel / Some Place In Griffith Park, Los Angeles

  • (1:15)  The Motel / Tiki Motel; 7301 Santa Fe Avenue, Huntington Park

  • (1:25)  Entering A Tunnel During The Chase While Kyle Reese Is Throwing Bombs At The Terminator / 2nd Street Tunnel, Los Angeles (Note: They Are Entering The Tunnel From The Figueroa Street Side Heading East)

  • (1:27)  The Terminator Crashing His Motorcycle And Later Hijacking The Semi / S. Grand Avenue Between 2nd Street And 3rd Street, Los Angeles

  • (1:29)  Spot Where The Semi Blows Up / 795 Keller Street, Los Angeles

  • (1:41)  The Gas Station / 37202 90th Street E. Palmdale


  1. So basically you just took everyone's locations and put them on your site and makes everything ok? Please explain to me your point on why you keep doing this instead of working on something new? You're pretty much a thief whether you ask them for there permission or not. be creative, be smart and most of all, don't be stupid! You're giving everyone else that puts in work in this business a bad name.

  2. I agree! Just like you took all of your Blues Brothers locations from the Blues Brothers Central website. Lame! Why don't you do something original instead of something that's already been done?

  3. Seems to me he gave credit where credit is due while others are taking their hobbies a little too seriously....

  4. I agree with Anonymous #3. It's a hobby. It's not a business. What Chas appears to be doing is gathering single pieces of info from multiple sites and compiling them into one single entry. It's your one stop shop. It's a blog. It's a hobby. If you have issues with people using your information, then don't post it on a web site. Keep it private in your own little scrap book.
    @ Anonymous #2- I understand if you have hurt feelings about the BB movie. Have you looked at the other 200 movies Chas has listed? Maybe there is something in there that hasn't "already been done" that you might enjoy.
    Keep up the good work, Chas. I enjoy your post. I only hope that one day I can visit Chicago.
    This Anonymous has a name,
    Tony Hoffarth

  5. Wow, Anonymouses #1 & #2, get a life (and identities).

    I love this site. Chas presents plenty of original material (I know, b/c some of it was suggested by me)and it's organized in way that's very user-friendly. It's useful, informative and fun.

    Chas also publishes our comments (even if they're unkind) which is much appreciated and takes our suggestions seriously which makes the site interactive in the best possible way.

    So, please keep up the good work Chas. I get so much pleasure from reading and contributing to the site. It's also extra special for me personally b/c Los Angeles and Chicago are two of "my" three cities. I've about worn out Google Maps looking up the addresses I'm not familiar with. The site's made me explore areas of LA & Chicago that I wouldn't have otherwise which has given me a greater appreciation of both towns.

    Thank you so much.

    P.S. Oh Tony (Anonymous #4), your "Keep it private in your own little scrapbook" line made me laugh out loud. Thx!

  6. When the terminator pulls up and yanks the biker out of the phonebooth ("you have a serious attitude problem, buddy") there is a sign that reads "Ziggy's" across the street. I visited the Los Angeles Public Library and looked up Ziggy's in a 1984 phone book and it had an address of 14316 Victory Boulevard in Van Nuys. What's there now is a Giovanni & Son human hair‎.

  7. What is your source for 1:04 being in Griffith Park? I'd love to narrow down where.

    1. Two crew members. Said it was used for the horse trails. Near the Zoo or old zoo I believe.

  8. I spent a sweaty afternoon exploring Griffith Park. There's nothing near the Old Zoo, and I even showed the screenshot to a groundskeeper. However when I started to follow the equestrian horse-riding tracks, I started to come across a number of almost exactly matching tunnels. They occur wherever there is a main road, to take the horses under the route that the cars take.

    Close, but no cigar... yet. The closest match was right outside the "Travel Town" gates, on Zoo Drive.


    1. Keep looking as hopefully it will be found. If I lived in LA I would be doing the same thing.

  9. Another big thumbs up Chas. I been trying to find Terminator 1 shooting locations for a while and didn't find much. You have a lot of stuff that other websites for the movie don't have.

  10. I believe I have uncovered the location of the Police Station.

    The building was located at 6000 S Boyle Ave in Vernon and I think belonged to the Bethlehem Steel Plant. The plant shut down in 1982 and the whole area, including this building was razed in 1985.

    A different part of the plant was used for filming of the Resistance scenes.

    Here is one photo of the building. There are several more on by searching for ‘Lipsett Steel’. All have been taken from a distance though.

    The address came from a call sheet I found online.

  11. Thank you very much for information.