Road To Perdition

Thank You To Owen From The When Write Is Wrong Website For Finding The Sullivan Family Home

Thank You To Josh Biggers For Telling Me Where The Farmhouse Stood

  • (0:02)  Michael Sullivan Jr. Riding His Bike Against The Flow Of The Walking People / E. 111th Street And S. Saint Lawrence Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:03)  Michael Jr Going To Peerless Pharmacy / 120 W. Main Street, West Dundee (Note: This Was Not Really A Pharmacy)

  • (0:04)  The Sullivan Residence / 385 Old Sutton Road, Barrington Hills

  • (0:07)  John Rooney's Place / 225 Greenwood Street, Evanston

  • (0:21)  The Hotel Florence / 11111 S. Forrestville Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:22)  The Warehouse Where Michael Jr. Learns About His Father's Profession / 11035 S. Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago (Note: Only A Couple Of Building Remain From The Pullman Factory Complex And The Building Shown In The Scene Looks To Have Been Torn Down)

  • (0:31)  O'Neill's Bar / Hennesy Street, Warner Brothers, Burbank

  • (0:36)  The Brothel / 2147 S. Lumber Street, Chicago (Note: The Bridge Seen In The Background Is The Cermak Bridge)

  • (0:49)  The Sullivan's Arriving In Chicago / N. Lasalle Street Bridge, Chicago (Note: They Are Traveling South As They Cross The Bridge)

  • (0:50)  Michael Sullivan Going To The Lexington Hotel / Wrigley Building; 400 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

  • (1:01)  The White Church In The Country / Saint Paul's Lutheran Church; 1407 W. Church Road, Beecher

  • (1:04)  The Diner In The Middle Of Nowhere / This Place Was Portable And Placed In The Country For The Movie But Now It Resides In The Northeast

  • (1:11)  Michael Teaching Michael Junior How To Drive / Jurgensen Woods Forest Preserve; Just South Of 183rd Street And East Of Cottage Grove Avenue, Glenwood

  • (1:13)  Michael Sullivan Doing The First Bank Robbery / 7915 S. Exchange Avenue, Chicago

  • (1:15)  Michael Exiting The Building After The Third Bank Robbery / Northwest Corner Of E. Washington Street And N. Locust Street, Momence (Note: For Some Crazy Reason They Recorded The Scene By Flipping The Film So It Looks Opposite Compared To What It Really Was)

  • (1:15)  Michael Shown Being Driven Away After The Fifth Robbery / Looking South On Dixie Hwy From W. Washington Street, Momence

  • (1:21)  Hotel Geneva / Southeast Corner Of W. State Street And 3rd Street, Geneva (Note: The Door That Harlen Maguire Exits Was In Between 225 And 229 State Street)

  • (1:26)  Michael Junior Takes His Father To A Country House After He Was Shot / 30049 S. Ridgeland Avenue, Peotone (Note: This Has Since Been Torn Down)

  • (1:33)  The Church Where Michael Meets Up With Rooney / Saint Sylvester Church; 2157 N. Humboldt, Blvd, Chicago

  • (1:46)  The Beach House / Port Sheldon, Michigan (Note: The House Is No Longer There)


  1. Thanks for your work. I hope you find the Church location.

  2. The the exact location of the farmhouse it Peotone is 30070 South Ridgeland Ave. Peotone, IL.

    It was torn down after filming.

    1. Actually the address of the farm house on South Ridgeland Road was 30049. I know because I lived there before for seven years. My former husband and I rented it. It was on the sod farm. The house was white then and then I heard that half the house caught on fire.I heard later that the fire department burned the rest of it down. Two of my kids were born in that farm house in 1993 and 1995. I still live near Peotone about 6 miles away.

    2. Do you know if the interior shots of the farmhouse were done in the actual house? It looked very old.

  3. Does anyone know if any parts of Road to Perdition was filmed on 79th and Exchange Streets in Chicago? I worked at the location where one Bank scene was filmed.

    1. Yes...the first bank robbery referenced above was shot at that location (not in Momence); here are the Google Earth coordinates:

    2. Thank you for the correction. I was told by a town local that it was in Momence. I have the correct address up now.

    3. Not a problem, Chas...and thanks for this wonderful website, it's awesome. Road to Perdition is a passion of mine, and your site was invaluable to me this last September when I made a vacation trip to Chicago to see all of the RTP filming locations...I couldn't have found all of the sites without your help!

  4. The location of the beach house is now Olive Shores Park, part of the Ottawa Country park system.,-86.240187&sspn=0.010265,0.022724&gl=us&hnear=8555+Olive+Shore+Ave,+West+Olive,+Ottawa,+Michigan+49460&t=m&z=16

    At the end of the trail/boardwalk to the beach, there is a deck overlooking the beach (to the left in the picture below with three people standing on it). The foundations for the house are just to the left of this deck (still visible).

  5. Hi, thank you for the info. Good for everyone to know.

  6. Awesome information! I'll be going to see these sites this September, on vacation!

  7. Like the third bank robbery scene, the opening credits where Michael is riding his bike in front of the Pullman buildings was also reversed; he appears to be riding right-to-left, but in reality, he was riding left-to-right and the scene was flipped during editing. You can see the Pullman Administration building in the background.

  8. The scene where Michael sees the murder of Finn through the crack in the door during the rain storm is still is the rear of the only remaining (north) wing of the warehouse connected to the Pullman Admin building. The gates where Michael collapsed were added as a prop (like the fence and gate of the Rooney house). If you watch the scene where Sullivan and Rooney turn the corner of the building in the rain, you can see a leaning fire hydrant at the corner of the of September of 2015, that hydrant is still there (the sight is secured however--it can't be visited). You can see the hydrant, as well as the building lamps, using the bird's eye view tool on Bing maps.

  9. There was a bank scene shot in Momence for sure because if you go into The Parrish Bank of Momence they have photos of Tom Hanks in character inside the bank. It was just a short scene but they did use the town of Monence

    1. Yeah, was the second bank robbery scene, I think...and, the image was reversed in the film.

      I went there last year and saw the photos, and talked to the owner of the store...he said it was a big deal, when Hanks came to town.

  10. My grandparents business was in the movie and they are on 1444 W 37th street in Chicago. Any idea of what scene?

  11. I've checked my paperwork for any info on that location, but don't see anything.

    Do you know what scene their location was supposed to be in, or the actors involved?