Southland: Season 4 - Episode 5 "Legacy"

  • (0:03)  The Police Station / 1401 W. 6th Street, Los Angeles

  • (0:05)  Officer Cooper And Tang Go To A Domestic Complaint Between A Teenager And His Parents / 2641 Kelton Avenue, Los Angeles

  • (0:07)  Officer Bryant Gets Accidentally Run Off The Road While In Pursuit Of Another Vehicle / 10826 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles (Note: They Were Driving North When The Incident Occurred)

  • (0:08)  Officer Cooper And Officer Tang Pull Over To Speak To A Woman Who Claims Her Son "Jesus Christ" Was Kidnapped / 4511 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

  • (0:09)  Officer Sherman And Officer Bryant Asking The Neighborhood If Anyone Saw The Murder Of The Man Who Was Shot In His Car / E. Lanzit Avenue And E. 111th Drive, Watts (Note: When Bryant Talks To The Man Who Wants The Cops Out Of There He Is At 819 E. 111th Drive But Standing On The Lanzit Avenue Side Of The Property)

  • (0:14)  Detective Adams And Detective Robinson Leaving A Break In Investigation In A House / 2918 Danalda Drive, Los Angeles

  • (0:19)  Officer Sherman Chasing A Man Out Of A Fountain And Later Chase Him Up A Pole / Exposition Park; 701 State Drive, Los Angeles (Note: They Are Coming Up To The Fountain From The North)

  • (0:22)  The Officers Eating And Telling Stories Until They Get The Call About A Possible Jumper / Kiku Teriyaki; 725 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles

  • (0:25)  The Building With The Possible Jumper / 830 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles (Note: He Is On The South Side Of The Building Looking Over A Parking Lot)

  • (0:34)  Officer Cooper And Officer Tang Pull A Very Unhappy Man Over For Speeding / Northwest Corner Of Hollywood Blvd And N. Gower Street, Los Angeles (Note: They Are Facing West On Hollywood Blvd)

  • (0:38)  The Gang Celebrating Officer Cooper Making It To 20 Plus Years As An Officer / The Short Stop; 1455 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

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