Southland: Season 4 - Episode 4 "Identity"

  • (0:03)  Officer Sherman Getting Between A Woman And Her Ex Boyfriend On A Street Corner / 3536 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles (Note: This Is On The South Side Of The Angled Intersection Of Sunset And Maltman)

  • (0:05)  Officers Sherman And Bryant Talking While Standing Over A Dead Body In A Gazebo / Hope And Peace Park; 843 S. Bonnie Brea Street, Los Angeles

  • (0:06)  Detectives Adams And Robinson Investigating A Stabbing Murder Inside A Building / 714 Traction Avenue, Los Angeles

  • (0:08)  Officers Cooper And Tang Asking A Homeless Man To Go Back To A Shelter / 1530 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood

  • (0:10)  Officers Sherman And Bryant Seeing A Crime On The Sidewalk / 2017 W. 8th Street, Los Angeles (Notes: The Suspect Runs East On 8th Street Turning North Into An Alley Between 2009 And 2013 W. 8th Street. This Is The Same Alley Where Officer Bryant Accidentally Shoots A Dog Behind A Dumpster. The Mural Seen In The Background Is Just North Of Wilshire Blvd Behind 634 S. Alvarado Street)

  • (0:16)  Cooper Arresting Crazy Man Bob Who Has A Smell Obsession / N. Vine Street And Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood (Note: The Police Car Is Facing South On Vine)

  • (0:18)  The Officers Having Lunch / Playita Mariscos; 3143 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

  • (0:20)  Officer Bryant Seeing Some Young Guys Up To No Good / MacArthur Park; S. Park View Street And Wishire Blvd, Los Angeles (Note: This Is The Northeast Corner Of The Intersection And The Officers Were Driving South On Park View When They Spot The Guys)

  • (0:24)  Officers Cooper And Tang Have A You Take It Conversation With The Sheriff Officers On Who Gets To Clean Up The Remains Of The Person Hit By A Train / N. Main Street Just West Of Albion Street, Los Angeles (Note: This Is On The East Side Of The Los Angeles River And The Camera In The First Screen Shot Is Facing North)

  • (0:27)  Officers Sherman And Bryant Responding To A Call At A Pool / Echo Park Deep Pool; 1419 Colton Street, Los Angeles

  • (0:30)  Officer Bryant Seeing The Bobble Head Dog On His Car / 3729 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

  • (0:31)  Detectives Adams And Robinson Under A Tunnel Looking For Nicole / MacArthur Park; Wilshire Blvd And Alvarado Street, Los Angeles (Note: When The Chase Begins Nicole Runs Up To Wilshire Blvd And Goes West. Nicole Gets Shot While Inside The Vehicle While Coming Out Of The Alley Onto S. Coronado Street Just South Of Wilshire Blvd)

  • (0:39)  Officer Sherman Looking At A House With A Realtor / 643 S. Avenue 61, Los Angeles

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