Thank You To Somerset For Finding Walter's Residence

Thank You To Paul H For Telling Me About Farms Motel

  • (0:09)  Officer Kerwin's House / 1328 N. Ogden Drive, Los Angeles

  • (0:12)  The Motel Where The Murder Took Place And Where Sgt. Benson And Officer Kerwin Pretend They Are Getting A Room Together / El Patio Inn; 11466 Ventura Blvd, Studio City

  • (0:18)  The Place Where Sgt. Benson And Officer Kerwin Stay / Harper House; 1334 N. Harper Avenue, West Hollywood

  • (0:31)  Benson Going Into A Coffee Shop To Make A Date / 610 N. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles (Note: The Coffee Shop Is No Longer There)

  • (0:37)  The Guys Having Breakfast / Winchell's Donut House; 7158 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

  • (0:39)  Walter's Residence / 846 N. Sycamore Avenue, Los Angeles (Note: The Building Is Now Hidden By A Couple Of Trees)

  • (0:43)  The Officers Following Ed Peterson Into Carl's Grocery Store And Later Peterson Pushes Sgt. Benson Into The Trash Cans And Runs Away / Petco; 508 N. Doheny Drive, West Hollywood

  • (1:06)  Benson Being Picked Up In The Limo For A Private Photo Shoot / 9098 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood (Note: The Gas Station Is No Longer There As It Is Now An Open Lot)

  • (1:07)  The Farms Motel Where The Photo Shoot And Stakeout Takes Place / 9133 Sepulveda Blvd, North Hills (Note: This Motel Has Since Been Torn Down And There Is Now A Different Motel)

  • (1:17)  Jill's House / Still Searching For This Location

  • (1:27)  Resort Motel / Still Searching For This Location

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  1. The Farms Motel was located at 9133 Sepulveda Blvd, North Hills, CA

    It was demolished around 1982 and a new motel was built in its place.