Chicago Fire: Season 5 - Episode 2; A Real Wake-Up Call

  • (0:12)  Squad Responding To A Man Who Got Hurt On A Boat / Polk Bros Park; South Edge Of N. Streeter Drive, Chicago (Note: The Bridge Seen In The Background Is Lake Shore Drive And This Side Of The Park Is Private Property)

  • (0:18)  Brett And Dawson Going To A High-Rise Building To Help A Woman Who Was Bit By Her Dog / 30 W. Oak Street, Chicago

  • (0:25)  Casey At City Hall / 121 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago

  • (0:27)  Severide At The Club / 632 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago

  • (0:33)  Responding To A Traffic Accident When Things Go Wrong / W. Fulton Street At N. Clinton Street, Chicago


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