Chicago PD: Season 3 - Episode 23; Start Digging

  • (0:02)  The Unit Investigating A Woman Found Dead In The Trunk Of Her Car / Northerly Island; 1450 S. Lynn White Drive, Chicago (Note: The View Is Looking Northwest)

  • (0:02)  Melissa Wild's Residence / 2621 W. Cullerton Street, Chicago

  • (0:12)  Finding Justin Voight's Car / 400 E. Lower Wacker Drive, Chicago (Note: This Address Is For The General Area As The Exact Address Is Tough To List Since It Is In The Middle Of The Road)

  • (0:27)  Voight Meeting With An Informant In The Parking Lot / 2615 W. 16th Street, Chicago (Note: This Is Part Of The Studio's Property)

  • (0:34)  The Fake Address For Bingham's Location / 3532 N. Whipple Street, Chicago

  • (0:36)  Voight At The Silos / Damen Silos; 2900 S. Damen Avenue, Chicago

Chicago PD: Season 3 - Episode 22; She's Got Us

  • (0:00)  Halstead And Lindsay In Police Clothes Getting A Call Of Shots Fired / W. Locust Street And N. Franklin Avenue, Chicago (Note: The Camera Is Looking East Toward The Skyline)

  • (0:01)  The House Where The Shooting Took Place / 4065 W. Waveland Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:16)  Alan Slone's Residence / 2608 W. 15th Street, Chicago

  • (0:22)  Olinsky And Voight Detain Kruger In An Unusual Way / 911 W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago

  • (0:35)  Barrow's Residence / 1439 S. Talman Avenue, Chicago

Chicago Fire: Season 4 - Episode 23; Superhero

  • (0:03)  Brett And Borrelli Having To Save A Fire Fighter From A Possible Heart Attack / 2620 W. Washington Blvd, Chicago

  • (0:10)  Exterior To Jimmy's Brother's Firehouse / Chicago Fire Academy; 558 W. De Coven Street, Chicago

  • (0:18)  The Hotel Lobby In Springfield / The Belden Stratford; 2300 N. Lincoln Park West, Chicago

  • (0:24)  Finding Grant Unconscious In Lincoln Park / Lincoln Park Zoo; Bridge Over The South Pond, Chicago (Note: This Bridge Is Located Just East Of N. Stockton Drive)

  • (0:31)  Responding To An Apartment Building Fire / 1805 Melody Court, Chicago (Note: This Is Just South Of W. 18th Street And West Of S. Wentworth Avenue)

  • (0:39)  Badge Retirement For Borrelli's Brother's Badge / Chicago Fire Academy; 558 W. De Coven Street, Chicago

Chicago PD: Season 3 - Episode 21; Justice

  • (0:00)  Roman Being Shot In The Police Car / 2130 S. Lumber Street, Chicago (Note: The Police Car Is Facing South)

  • (0:01)  Burgess Chasing The Shooting Suspect / 2125 S. Lumber Street, Chicago (Note: Burgess Is Running North On Lumber And Then Looks East As She Spots The Shooter)

  • (0:01)  Burgess Shooting The Suspect / 2115 S. Lumber Street, Chicago (Note: This Is The Same Spot Severide From The Fire Department Arrives To Help With The Diving Efforts)

  • (0:13)  Protesting At The Police Station / 943 W. Maxwell Street, Chicago

  • (0:15)  Interviewing The Suspect's Ex Girlfriend / 3237 S. Carpenter Street, Chicago

  • (0:17)  Jefferies Holding A Press Conference / The Field Museum; 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago (Note: This Press Conference Was Held On The North Side Of The Building)

  • (0:19)  The Two Lawyers Talking Outside / The Field Museum; 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago (Note: The View Showing The City Is Looking Northwest)

  • (0:27)  Burgess Getting Escorted Into Court / The Field Museum; 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago (Note: This Is The North Entrance)

  • (0:32)  Voight Talking With The Prosecutor / City Hall; 121 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago