Chicago Fire: Season 4

Episode 1; Let It Burn

Episode 2; A Taste Of Panama City

Episode 3; I Walk Away

Episode 4; Your Day Is Coming

Episode 5; Regarding This Wedding

Episode 6; 2112

Episode 7; Sharp Elbows

Episode 8; When Tortoises Fly

Episode 9; Short And Fat

Episode 10; The Beating Heart

Episode 11; The Path Of Destruction

Episode 12; Not Everyone Makes It

Episode 13; The Sky Is Falling

Episode 14; All Hard Parts

Episode 15; Bad For The Soul

Episode 16; Two T's

Episode 17; What Happened To Courtney?

Episode 18; On The Warpath

Episode 19; I Will Be Walking

Episode 20; The Last One For Mom

Episode 21; Kind Of A Crazy Idea

Episode 22; Where The Collapse Started

Episode 23; Superhero


  1. The bakery in the January 19 episode is Ferrara Bakery, 2210 W. Taylor.

  2. In the January 26th episode, the home of the teenager who attempted suicide is in the 2300 block of Ohio Street.