Apollo 13

  • (0:07)  The First View Of The Vehicle Assembly Building / John F. Kennedy Space Center; Vab Road, Titusville, Florida

  • (0:16)  Jim And Marilyn Lovell Stopped At A Light When A Heckler Messes With Jim About Being Part Of Apollo 13 / N. Lankershim Blvd At Hesby Street, North Hollywood (Note: They Were Going North On Lankershim)

  • (0:26)  The View Of The Launching Pad / Kennedy Space Center, Florida (Note: The Rocket Was Digitally Added)

  • (0:27)  The Safari Inn Where Marilyn Loses Her Wedding Ring In The Shower / 1911 W. Olive Avenue, Burbank

  • (0:33)  The Launch Viewing Stand Bleachers Area / Guessing The Kennedy Space Center, Florida

  • (0:33)  Ken Mattingly Watching The Launch / San Pedro Or Florida

  • (1:50)  The Exterior To Space Control In Houston / Universal Studios, Universal City (Note: This Is A Fake Facade Next To A Soundstage)

  • (1:54)  The News Media Hanging Out In Front Of The Lovell Residence / 18325 Index Street, Porter Ranch


  1. As a NASA brat, filming should have been in Florida and Houston area.

    1. you cant always film in the exact location that is depicted in the scene/movie. For many reasons. Usually its cost, or the location has changed, or its unavailable, or doesn't have the right "look" the filmmaker wants to convey. And they DID film some in Florida. The scenes are meant to depict the time frame, not be an EXACT representation. Come on, shake yourself