Missing Chicago Television Locations

The Following List Of Missing Locations Are Not In A Most Wanted Order But Rather Listed By Show. There Will Be More Than 10 In This List But They Are All Still Important For Me To Find.

Jumping Ahead To The 10th Episode Of the Series There Is A Random Building That Is Suppose To Be The Department Of Sanitation. The Police Stake Out The Building. Anyone Know This Building? I Wish There Was More To Show.

There Is A Random Missing House. In The 11th Episode Of The Series They Filmed On A Nice Street In River Forest. I Found The Other Houses But Not This One. Does Anyone From There Recognize This House?

There Is An Apartment In The 20th Episode From Season 2 That The Parametics Visit.  Not Really Much To Go On For This One

In Season 3 Episode 4 Dr. Benton Goes To A Restaurant. Rumor Was It Is On Chicago Avenue A Few Blocks West Of Michigan Avenue But I Could Not Match Anything Up To Confirm

Season 5 Episode 19 Jeanie Boulet Is Inside Of A Church. This Could Be Either Los Angeles Or Chicago

In Season 9 Episode 9 Abby Leaves Her Brother In A Facility. I Assume This Is Chicago But There Is An Outside Chance This Is Los Angeles

In The 16th Episode From Season 9 They Show What Is Suppose To Be A YMCA Gym. This Could Be Los Angeles Or Chicago

Season 11 Episode 20 There Is A Scene In A Church. This Could Be Either Los Angeles Or Chicago

In The 2nd Episode From Season 12 They Show A Swimming Pool. This Could Be Los Angeles But I Think this May Be In Chicago.

In The 7th Episode From Season 13 Dr. Pratt Is In A Church. I Assume This Is In Chicago But Again It Could Be Los Angeles

In The 4th Episode From Season 14 They Show A House And I Am Guessing It Is Around Wrigley Field Since They Also Filmed There. So Far No Luck.


  1. 49 could be Wacker drive under Michigan Ave . The stairs would go to the convention hotels by the marina

  2. The ER episode from Season 3 with the car crash was filmed in the SW suburbs at the Argonne National Labs. The fire vehicle shown in the 4th picture was Argonne FD's rescue squad. If you do a google earth view, you can see that it was filmed at the intersection of 94th Street and Outer Circle Dr. Unfortunately the intersection is located inside a secure area of the National Labs and you can not access it. The location is nearest to I-55 and Cass Avenue between Darien,IL and Lemont,IL.

    1. Thank you. The page has been updated. If you want cred for the find let me know. Thanks again.

  3. The one above ER episode 20 season 2 is in a project complex that doesn't exist anymore on or around pershing on the south side of Chicago.can't remember the cross street.

  4. the apartment from er season 2 looks like the jane addams projects. 1033 s lytle street

  5. Episode 4, season 24 photo looks like Lakeview. Lots of those metal fences and shorter ones protecting green plots next to the streetIn Lakeview. Could also be in Rogers Park, but Lakeview is closer to Wrigley and has so many places like that.

  6. 20th episode season 2 ER paramedics entering project could be 1302 W Taylor Chicago.