Adventures In Babysitting

Thank You To Geoff From The 90210 Locations Website For Already Finding A Lot Of The Toronto Locations

Thank You To David Fleischer From The Torontoist For Figuring Out The Remaining Missing Toronto Locations

  • (0:03)  Chris Parker's House / 51 Donwoods Drive, North York, Ontario, Canada

  • (0:17)  The Anderson Home / 4 Valleyanna Drive, North York, Ontario, Canada

  • (0:28)  Spot Where They They Park after The Tire Blows / Dan Ryan Expressway Southbound Between Monroe And Madison Street, Chicago (Note: They Are On The Off Ramp To Monroe Avenue. Also, The Signs Have Changed A Little Since The Movie Was Made)

  • (0:33)  Pruitt's House / 49 Lewis Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • (0:35)  The Road Leading To The Chop Shop / Behind 8 Pardee Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Note: The Chop Shop Entrance Has Since Been Torn Down)

  • (0:38)  The Bus Station Exterior / 20 E. Randolph Street, Chicago (Note: The Bus Station Has Since Been Torn Down)

  • (0:45)  The Interior For The Silver Dollar Room / Fitzgerald's Night Club; 6615 Roosevelt Road, Berwyn

  • (0:49)  Exterior Of The Silver Dollar / 486 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • (0:50)  Walking And Talking With The Parents Building In The Background / N. Canal Street And W. Fulton Street, Chicago (Note: They Are Walking South And Most Of The Buildings Are Superimposed Including The Building The Parents Are In. The El Track Is Real And A Couple Of Other Buildings)

  • (0:52)  Seeing The Bad Guys Driving After Them / N. Post Place At W. Lake Street, Chicago (Note: The View Is Looking North And A Lot Has Changed As There Are More Building There Now Since The Movie Was Made)

  • (0:52)  Stairs To The El Station / 150 N. Wells Street, Chicago (Note: Note The Station They Catch The Train Is The Randolph/Wells Station But The Station And The Stairs Have Since Been Removed. The Stairs Were On The Northeast Corner Of Wells And W. Randolph Street)

  • (0:57)  Exiting The Hospital / 85 Lother Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Note: This Building Is Obviously Not A Real Hospital And Is Also Not The Same Place They Enter)

  • (1:00)  The Fraternity Party House / 157 Saint George Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • (1:06)  Driving Underground To Go To Dawson's Garage / N. La Salle Drive And W. Kinzie Street, Chicago (Note: They Are Going South On La Salle As They Enter The Tunnel)

  • (1:06)  Dawson's Garage / Somewhere On Lower Wacker Drive, Chicago (Note: This Is Probably No Longer A Garage)

  • (1:11)  The Fancy Restaurant / Accents; 955 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Note: This Is Actually On The Wellesley Street Side Of This Corner Building)

  • (1:14)  The Toy Store / 11 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • (1:15)  The View Of The Building The Parents Are In / 150 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago (Note: The View Of The Building Is Superimposed. The Street Level Entrance Is Somewhere In Toronto)


  1. Good job finding the location of the tunnel entrance scene. I pass by Canal and Fulton St. all the time and I never put the two together. Great web site too.

  2. At the end of the movie, there's quick dramatic view of Chicago as they ride out of a tunnel, exiting it. Any idea where that is, if it's even real? I'm betting the cityscape was superimposed like it was in the rest of the movie?

  3. That "dramatic view" (again with skyline buildings like the Stone Container trapezoid composited in) is looking east at the distinctive double-arched Chicago Stock Exchange (with the Chicago Board of Trade tower visible as well). It's a real location but the skyline is fictional.

  4. Chris's house is on 51 Donwoods Drive in North York. But it has been remodeled twice actually. On classic street view, The 2nd story room was added on, and in the movie, it wasn't added yet. Yesterday, on street view. It's been totally remodeled with more stuff. Watch the movie again, and look at the houses that you see in the movie where the Camaro start's from Domino Avenue, and turns right on Donwoods Drive. In the movie, you can briefly see the number 51 on the white fence. But the fence is not there anymore. At least the house is still there, but it's remodeled now.

    1. Yep, you found it. I'm glad to see that it's on street view. But I kinda missed it being white with the blue shutters. Location comfirmed!

    2. Hi thank you for telling me about the house. I have added it and updated my page. Thanks again. If you want credit for the find let me know and I will add it.

    3. You may want to make a note on Chris's house.

  5. I was also so confused because the street he turns off of was called Harman St. but now it's been completely renamed to Donino Ave.! That did not help in my quest to find the house.

  6. I think the Bus Station was at 609 Bay St
    in Toronto, Ontario

  7. Hi there - got some of the Toronto locations you didn't have.

  8. Thank you sir. I have updated my page. Thanks for your work too.

  9. I was super bummed when I found out how much of this movie was filmed in Canada (not that I have anything against Canada). Because of all the John Hughes (and this Chris Columbus movie) of the time I really wanted to live in the Chicago burbs. Anyway, a telltale sign (for me anyway) that this was filmed in Canada was when Sarah was looking at the toy store window. If you look carefully, a Hyundai Pony can be seen in the reflection. Hyundai never sold the Pony in the US due to the US's strict emissions controls. Hyundai entered into Canada in 1982 but did not come to the US until 1986 when the Excel replaced the Pony.

  10. Anyone know where they filmed the interior garage scene with the stolen cars?

  11. I still love this. One of my fav movies of all time. I'm actually going to do a before and after photo comparison soon of the locations. XD

  12. Living 20 minutes from The City I grew up watching AIB. It's definitely in my top 5. I'm 32 and this movie will always have a special place in my heart.

  13. Chris Parkers house has been remodeled and is nuch different today.