ER Took Place At A Fictional Hospital In Chicago. The Locations Were Either Filmed In Chicago Or At The Warner Bros. Studios Backlot And Sometimes In The Los Angeles Area.

This Listing Of The First Group Of Links Are Separated To Give A Quick View Of The Locations Broken Down Into Certain Categories Without Having To Go Through Each Episode.

The Locations Used As County General

The Homes Of The Staff From County General

The Most Used Locations In Chicago

Other Chicago Locations Used More Than One Time

The Rest Of The Chicago Area Locations

The Los Angeles Area Locations

The Warner Bros. Locations

The Next List Of Links Are The Episodes By Title For Each Season. If An Episode Does Not Contain Any New Locations I Will Note It That Way. Sometimes I Will List A Location More Than Once During A Season When I feel It Is Necessary.

Check Out Some Pictures Of The Ambulance Bay And Fake Hospital Exterior After The Season Listings On This Page.


  1. Hi Chas, thanks for compiling all these info. I want to know where the last scene of the final episode was shot - the exterior of the hospital where everyone was waiting for the ambulance with the scene panning out to show a train passing by. Thanks!

    1. Hi, I will eventually get to that episode. Hopefully i will finally be done with the series by the end of the summer. But I believe that scene was done by computer.

  2. hi chas,
    thanks a lot for your work, I really appreciate it. I swear, I check with google map every single place you have put about Er' scenes. I am a crazy fan of ER and you've made a wonderful gift to me... Thanks a lot.


  3. I believe Alan Sepinwall said it was CGI.
    So weird that didn't exist when the show started. And yes I was watching the show when it started. I was watching Sisters before that.

  4. Alan Sepinwall said...

    As for the final wide shot of the hospital -- is that the first time in 15 years we've ever seen a full shot of County?

    I believe so. Pretty much everything in that shot other than the ambulance bay itself was CGI-generated, and computer effects technology wasn't good enough (or affordable enough for TV) to create a shot of the full hospital, or of the El train passing overhead in the same shot, until recently.

    7:48 AM, APRIL 03, 2009

  5. Was the snow for real during winter episodes?

    1. Not in the scenes filmed in Los Angeles. They used prop snow on the studio lot.

  6. Time schedule coming back Chicago Los Angeles ER

  7. The Geometry Dash primary setting for the series, where most of the medical drama takes place.