ER - The Many Locations Used For County General Hospital

  • (Season 2; Episode 4)  The Main Ambulance Bay / Warner Bros; New York Street (Note: This Would Remain The Ambulance Bay For The Rest Of The Series)

  • (Season 1; Episode 1)  The Hospital Used For The Pilot Episode / Linda Vista Hospital; 600 S. Saint Louis Avenue, Los Angeles

  • (Multiple Seasons)  The Roof Used For Most Of The Helicopter Landings / Southeast Corner Of S. Jefferson Street And W. Taylor Street, Chicago (Note: This Is The Roof For The Chicago Fire Academy)

  • (Season 1; Episode 4 And Episode 21)  The Exterior Of The Hospital / Warner Bros; Bridge Building Area

  • (Season 1; Episode 5)  The Basketball Court Outside Of The Hospital / Warner Bros; Midwest Street (Note: This Is In Between A Couple Of Buildings To The Left Of The Church Entrance)

  • (Season 1; Episode 7 And 8)  The First View Of The Front Of The Hospital With The Diner Shown Across The Street / 720 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles (Note: I Doubt There Was Ever A Real Diner There)

  • (Season 1; Episode 16 And Season 2; Episode 1)  The Ambulance Bay / University Of Illinois Medical Center; 1740 W. Taylor Street, Chicago

  • (Season 1; Episode 24)  The Other Rooftop For Helicopter Landings / 240 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles (Note: This Is The Top Of A Parking Garage)

  • (Season 1; Episode 25)  The Ambulance Bay / Warner Bros; Hennesy Street

  • (Season 2; Episode 15)  Doc Magoos / Warner Bros; New York Street

  • (Season 5; Episode 5)  The Exterior Of The Hospital / Northwestern Memorial Hospital; Chicago (Note: This Has Yet To Be Confirmed As That Hospital Has Been Remodeled)

  • (Season 10; Episode 8)  The Helicopter Crash Onto The Ambulance Bay / Warner Bros; New York Street)

  • (Season 11; Episode 13)  The Convenience Store Across From The Hospital The Replaced Doc Magoos

  • (Season 14; Episode 19)  The Exterior Of The Hospital / 532 S. Olive Street, Los Angeles

  • (Season 15; Episode 22)  The Full Exterior Of County General Hospital / Warner Bros; New York Street (Note: A Lot Of CGI Was Used For This Picture)

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  1. I've read that the roof of the Chicago Hilton was used as the location for the roof of the hospital. Does anyone know which episodes?