The Last Rites Of Joe May

Thank You To The Members Of The Forgotten Chicago Facebook Page For Finding The Hospital Seen Near The End Of The Movie

  • (0:04)  Joe May Leaving The Hospital / Saint Mary Of Nazareth Hospital Center; 2233 W. Division Street, Chicago (Note: This Particular Area Is On The Southeast Corner Of W. Division Street And N. Oakley Blvd)

  • (0:04)  Joe May Sitting On A Bench Waiting For The Bus / Southwest Corner Of W. Division Street And N. Oakley Blvd, Chicago (Note: The Camera Is Facing South)

  • (0:06)  Archie's Tavern / 2600 W. Iowa Street, Chicago

  • (0:13)  Joe May's Old Apartment / 2157 W. North Avenue, Chicago (Note: He Is Standing Across The Street As He Watches The New Tenant Jenny Rapp And Her Daughter Leave The Building)

  • (0:22)  The Car Lot / Asia Motor Inc; 1659 W. Grand Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:24)  Jenny Rapp Spots Joe Sleeping On The Cold Bench / Northwest Corner Of N. Halsted Street And W. Erie Street, Chicago

  • (0:34)  The Barber Shop / Ruben's Unisex; 1359 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:35)  The Restaurant Joe Stops In To See Lenny / Uncle Mike's Place; 1700 W. Grand Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:38)  Joe Going To See Billy And Later Where He Leaves Angelina Rapp While He Does Some Business / Little Brothers Friends Of The Elderly; 355 N. Ashland Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:58)  Joe May Getting Thrown Out Of A Small Grocery Store / Bari Foods; 1120 W. Grand Avenue, Chicago

  • (1:20)  Scott May's House / 4199 S. Lowe Avenue, Chicago

  • (1:23)  The Police Spotting Joe Walking On The Sidewalk / 1100 W. Grand Avenue, Chicago (Note: This Is Just West Of The Aberdeen Intersection)

  • (1:23)  Joe Eluding Officer Buczkowski By Running Into An Alley / 1112 W. Grand Avenue, Chicago (Note: He Is Going North)

  • (1:23)  Buczkowski Starting To Run After Joe / Between 509 And 513 N. May Street, Chicago

  • (1:25)  The Spot Where Joe Loses Buczkowski / 463 N. Racine Avenue, Chicago

  • (1:25)  A Worn Out Joe Coming Out Of Alley To See If The Coast Is Clear / The Alley Is Just South Of 515 N. Noble Street, Chicago

  • (1:29)  Jo Going To The Hospital To Get Jenny / Saint Francis Hospital; 355 Ridge Avenue, Evanston

  • (1:41)  Jenny And Angelina At The Train Station / Union Station; 210 S. Canal Street, Chicago

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