Doctor Detroit

Thank You To Richard Poemape For Figuring Out The Indian Restaurant Location

  • (0:01)  Clifford Skridrow Speed Walking Through A Park / Lincoln Park; 1800 N. Stockton Drive, Chicago (Note: He Is Just South Of The South Pond As He Is Walking South)

  • (0:01)  Clifford Going Up To The Abraham Lincoln Statue / Between W. La Salle Drive And W. North Blvd, Chicago (Note: It Is Just East Of The Chicago Historical Society Building)

  • (0:02)  Smooth Walker Seeing Skridrow For The First Time / N. Stockton Drive And W. La Salle Drive, Chicago (Note: The Camera Is Looking Southeast)

  • (0:02)  The Limo Pulling Up To Pick Up A Couple Of More Girls / 990 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

  • (0:04)  The Harbor / Belmont Harbor; Belmont Harbor Drive, Chicago (Note: You Have To Come From The North To Access Belmont Harbor Drive From Lake Shore Drive)

  • (0:04)  The Ambassador East Hotel; 1301 N. State Parkway, Chicago

  • (0:04)  Monroe College Building / 17 E. Goethe Street, Chicago

  • (0:06)  Mom's Limo Service / 338 N. Canal Street, Chicago (Note: I Believe The Building Has Since Been Torn Down As It Looks To Have Been Just South Of The Cassidy Tires Building)

  • (0:14)  The Indian Restaurant Where They Meet Clifford / 50 E. Walton Street, Chicago (Note: The Area Has Changed Since The Movie Was Made)

  • (0:16)  Everyone Leaving The Club / N. Rush Street And E. Bellvue Place, Chicago (Note: The Building Has Since Been Torn Down Plus Almost Every Business Seen In The Second Screen Shot Has Changed As The Area Has Changed A Lot)

  • (0:25)  Clifford Skridrow's House / Still Searching For This Location

  • (0:26)  Skidrow On A College Campus / University Of Southern California; Los Angeles

  • (0:28)  Smooth Walker's Apartment Building / 155 N. Harbor Drive, Chicago

  • (0:31)  Walker In A Hurry As He Running Down The Street Trying To Purchase Airline Tickets / 500 Block Of N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago (Note: The Camera Is Facing South)

  • (0:34)  The County Courthouse / 54 W. Hubbard Street, Chicago

  • (0:59)  The Train Station / Union Station; 225 S. Canal Street, Chicago

  • (1:13)  Excelsior Hotel Where Both Meeting Take Place At The Same Time / Still Searching For This Exterior Location (Note: I Believe The Ballrooms Were In The Biltmore Hotel In Los Angeles)


  1. mom's limo service is 345 n canal, across from Cassidy tires-open people live there

  2. Where was Manhattan nightclub located?

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