The Dilemma

  • (0:06)  The Gang At A Bar / Green Mill; 4802 N. Broadway, Chicago

  • (0:15)  The Headquarters / 2000 Naperville/Wheaton Road, Naperville

  • (0:22)  Ronny Valentine At A Huge Greenhouse Spotting Geneva There With A Mystery Man / Garfield Park Conservatory Fern Room; 300 N. Central Park Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:28)  Ronny And Nick's Shop / 1129 W. Ardmore Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:34)  Diane Popovich's House / 2511 N. Bernard Street, Chicago

  • (0:40)  The Gang At A Hockey Game / United Center; 1901 W. Madison Street, Chicago

  • (0:47)  Ronny Spying On Nick At Chi Thao Massage And Spa / 1124 W. Argyle Street, Chicago (Note: The Business Is Fake)

  • (0:50)  Geneva Talking With Ronny On The Phone From A Pool Hall / Marie's Golden Cue; 3241 W. Montrose Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:50)  Ronny And Geneva Meeting At A Restaurant / Golden House Restaurant And Pancake House; 4744 N. Broadway, Chicago

  • (0:55)  Ronny Sitting On A Bench And Talking To God / Northeast Corner Of Broadway And W. Leland Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:58)  Ronnie And Susan Standing In The Car Lot / 2260 S. Grove Street, Chicago

  • (1:00)  Zip's House / 1474 W. Huron Street, Chicago (Note: The Tree That Was In Front Of The House Was Fake)

  • (1:23)  Ronnie Talking To Himself While Standing On A Bridge / Kinzie Street Bridge; 450 W. Kinzie Street, Chicago (Note: The Camera Is Facing West)

  • (1:24)  Ronnie's Loft Apartment / 226 W. Superior Street, Chicago

  • (1:34)  Ronnie Taking A Night Time Walk Under The Train Tracks / N. Milwaukee Avenue Where It Meets W. Fulton Street And N. Clinton Street, Chicago


  1. The bench were Ronny is sitting and talking to God is not there and the store behind him has since been torn down due to the CTA doing construction on the tracks and rebuilding the Wilson stop.

  2. All the locations are good places to get robbed now thanks to Larry Lightfoot.