Cooley High

Thank You To Jamian For Finding The Basketball Court

Thank You To Owen From The When Write Is Wrong Website For Figuring Out The Old Bar Location

  • (0:03)  Leroy "Preach" Jackson's Apartment / 939 N. Mohawk Street, Chicago

  • (0:05)  Edwin Cooley High School / 1258 N. Sedgwick Street, Chicago (Note: This Building Has Since Been Torn Down)

  • (0:08)  The Guys Arriving At The Zoo / Lincoln Park Zoo; 2200 North Canon Drive, Chicago (Note: The Look Of The Entrance Has Changed Since The Movie Was Made)

  • (0:13)  The Basketball Court / Clybourn Park; 1745 N. Clybourn Street, Chicago (Note: This Park Does Not Have An Official Address But The One I Have Listed Is Close Enough For Everyone To Find The Court)

  • (0:15)  The Corner Diner / Northwest Corner Of W. Elm Street And N. Larrabee Street, Chicago (Note: Later In The Movie Leroy Is Being Chased Away From The Diner While Running West On Elm Street. The Building Has Since Been Torn Down But The Building Leroy Is Running Toward Is Still There)

  • (0:19)  The House Where Leroy And Richard Were Making Out With The Girls / 1108 N. Larrabee Street, Chicago (Note: The House And The Rest Of The Block Has Since Been Torn Down But Some Of The Building Shown Way Down The Street Still Remain Today)

  • (0:40)  Robert's Lounge / 1249 N. Clybourn Avenue, Chicago (Note: The Building Has Since Been Torn Down And Has Been Replaced)

  • (0:46)  The Guys Pull The Car Over To Change Drivers / 400 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago (Note: They Were In Front Of The Wrigley Building And They Later Cross The Bridge While Going South)

  • (0:48)  The Guys Being Chased By The Police / Navy Pier; 600 E. Grand Avenue, Chicago (Note: The Pier Has Been Remodeled Since The Movie Was Made And Looks A Lot Differently Now)

  • (1:01)  Leroy And Brenda Standing On A Bridge / W. Division Street Bridge; 850 W. Division Street, Chicago

  • (1:31)  Richard Meeting Up With Brenda Asking Is She Had Seen Leroy / Sedgwick Station; 1536 N. Sedgwick Street, Chicago

  • (1:35)  Spot Where Richard Gets Beat Up / Between W. Elm Street And W. Hill Street, Chicago (Note: This Is The Roughly The 300 Block Under The El. The Back Side Of The Church Seen In The Second Screen Shot Is The Saint Joseph Church At 1107 N. Orleans Street)

  • (1:37)  The Funeral / Burr Oak Cemetery; 4400 W. 127th Street, Alsip

Road To Perdition

Thank You To Owen From The When Write Is Wrong Website For Finding The Sullivan Family Home

Thank You To Josh Biggers For Telling Me Where The Farmhouse Stood

  • (0:02)  Michael Sullivan Jr. Riding His Bike Against The Flow Of The Walking People / E. 111th Street And S. Saint Lawrence Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:03)  Michael Jr Going To Peerless Pharmacy / 120 W. Main Street, West Dundee (Note: This Was Not Really A Pharmacy)

  • (0:04)  The Sullivan Residence / 385 Old Sutton Road, Barrington Hills

  • (0:07)  John Rooney's Place / 225 Greenwood Street, Evanston

  • (0:21)  The Hotel Florence / 11111 S. Forrestville Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:22)  The Warehouse Where Michael Jr. Learns About His Father's Profession / 11035 S. Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago (Note: Only A Couple Of Building Remain From The Pullman Factory Complex And The Building Shown In The Scene Looks To Have Been Torn Down)

  • (0:31)  O'Neill's Bar / Hennesy Street, Warner Brothers, Burbank

  • (0:36)  The Brothel / 2147 S. Lumber Street, Chicago (Note: The Bridge Seen In The Background Is The Cermak Bridge)

  • (0:49)  The Sullivan's Arriving In Chicago / N. Lasalle Street Bridge, Chicago (Note: They Are Traveling South As They Cross The Bridge)

  • (0:50)  Michael Sullivan Going To The Lexington Hotel / Wrigley Building; 400 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

  • (1:01)  The White Church In The Country / Saint Paul's Lutheran Church; 1407 W. Church Road, Beecher

  • (1:04)  The Diner In The Middle Of Nowhere / This Place Was Portable And Placed In The Country For The Movie But Now It Resides In The Northeast

  • (1:11)  Michael Teaching Michael Junior How To Drive / Jurgensen Woods Forest Preserve; Just South Of 183rd Street And East Of Cottage Grove Avenue, Glenwood

  • (1:13)  Michael Sullivan Doing The First Bank Robbery / 7915 S. Exchange Avenue, Chicago

  • (1:15)  Michael Exiting The Building After The Third Bank Robbery / Northwest Corner Of E. Washington Street And N. Locust Street, Momence (Note: For Some Crazy Reason They Recorded The Scene By Flipping The Film So It Looks Opposite Compared To What It Really Was)

  • (1:15)  Michael Shown Being Driven Away After The Fifth Robbery / Looking South On Dixie Hwy From W. Washington Street, Momence

  • (1:21)  Hotel Geneva / Southeast Corner Of W. State Street And 3rd Street, Geneva (Note: The Door That Harlen Maguire Exits Was In Between 225 And 229 State Street)

  • (1:26)  Michael Junior Takes His Father To A Country House After He Was Shot / 30049 S. Ridgeland Avenue, Peotone (Note: This Has Since Been Torn Down)

  • (1:33)  The Church Where Michael Meets Up With Rooney / Saint Sylvester Church; 2157 N. Humboldt, Blvd, Chicago

  • (1:46)  The Beach House / Port Sheldon, Michigan (Note: The House Is No Longer There)