Primal Fear

  • (0:02)  Martin Vail Being Dropped Off In Front Of A Hotel / Chicago Hilton; 720 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:08)  Mailman Leaving A Building And Later The Location Of The Murder / U.S. Soccer Federation; 1801 S. Prairie Avenue, Chicago (Note: The Building Has Changed Some Since The Movie Was Made. The Church And Building Seen Left Of The Door Have Since Been Torn Down)

  • (0:11)  Martin Vail Going Into A Bar / Don Pedro Carnitas; 1113 W. 18th Street, Chicago

  • (0:16)  Aaron Being Chased By The Police And Eventually Caught / Under The McCormick Place North Building; Mines Drive And Just East Of The End Of Cullerton Street, Chicago

  • (0:19)  The Chicago Police Station Where Aaron Is Being Held / UIC Police Station; 943 W. Maxwell Street, Chicago (Note: This Was Also The Police Station From The Show Hill Street Blues)

  • (0:27)  Martin Vail's Office / 812 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago (Note: This Building Is The One Just Left Of The Red One Plus It Looks Like The Stairs Have Been Taken Out)

  • (0:33)  Cook County Department Of Corrections Division IX / Northeast Corner Of W. 31st Street And S. Sacramento Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:35)  Courthouse / 2600 S. California Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:38)  The Scuffle In A Hotel Room / Hotel Somerset; 1152 S. Wabash Ave, Chicago (Note: This Building Has Since Been Remodeled And Used To Be Called The Roosevelt Hotel)

  • (0:44)  The Bar Where Vail Hung Out A Couple of Times / John Barleycorn's Memorial Pub; 658 W. Belden Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:49)  Vail Crossing The Street In Downtown Chicago / 808 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago

  • (0:50)  Vail Walking And Talking With A Couple Of Guys While Learning Some Info On Who Owns The Property They Are Walking On / S. Racine Avenue And W. 16th Street, Chicago

  • (1:07)  Vail In A Foot Chase / Lower Wacker Drive, They Go Down Stairs And Turn And Go Under The South South Side Of The Michigan Avenue Bridge, Chicago


  1. Barleycorn's doesn't come in until later in the movie when Martin and Venable are discussing the tape. The earlier bar scenes referred to in the movie as the "Alibi Bar" are not Barleycorn's. The Barleycorn located at Lincoln and Belden has since been closed.

  2. The real 7th district police station is on 1438 W. 63rd street in Englewood.