• (0:02)  The Building They Drive The Truck Into To Steal The ATM Machine / 2924 E. 79th Street, Chicago (Note: As They Are Driving Away They Are Heading South On S. Exchange Avenue)

  • (0:03)  Calvin Palmer's House / 8330 S. Manistee Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:06)  The Barbershop / 2925 E. 79th Street, Chicago (Note: Unfortunately The Building Has Since Been Torn Down And Little Caesars Stands There)

  • (0:12)  Trying To Carry The ATM Up The Stairs At Billy's Place / 2804 E. 76th Street, Chicago (Note: The Back Side Of The House Is Where The Stairs Are Located)

  • (0:12)  Jimmy James At The Coffee Shop / Half And Half; 1560 N. Damon Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:32)  Trying to Get The ATM Into Room 216 / Eagle Inn; 453 E. Pershing Road, Chicago

  • (0:59)  Auto Body Shop / 1819 S. State Street, Chicago

  • (1:02)  Calvin Jumping The Fence Into The Dog Area After Being Chased / 2001 S. State Street, Chicago (Note: It Is Behind The Building Under The El)

  • (1:03)  J.D. With The ATM And The Police Officer / Northeast Corner Of E. 47th Street and S. Michigan Avenue (Note: He Was Dragging The ATM While Walking West On 47th Street)

  • (1:09)  J.D. Getting Splashed By The Water Puddle / Real Close To The Northwest Corner Of S. Prairie Avenue and E. 47th Street, Chicago

  • (1:10)  J.D. Getting A Ride / Driving South On S. Prairie Avenue Coming Up To E. 47th Street, Chicago

  • (1:13)  The Car Lot / 8424 S. Halsted Street, Chicago (Note: The Car Lot Is No Longer There)

  • (1:30)  Chicago Police Station / Dudley Beauty College; 8501 S. Green Street, Chicago


  1. This is an interesting site. I'm trying to find information on how someone would go about renting their home in Chicago. Hmmm...still looking. Side note: There's no apostrophe in decades (ex. 1970's should be 1970s. The only time you put an apostrophe in a year is when you're specifically only talking about a noun describing that year. For example if there was a movie that released in 1970, you'd say it was a 1970's movie, but if you're unsure of whether it was released in 1970 to 1979, then it'd be a 1970s movie.)

  2. Hi, thank you for the correction and I have changed them all. I am glad you found the site interesting.

  3. Super cool i always wanted to know since I'm from Chicago and love the movies. THANKS THIS INFO WAS VERY HELPFUL

  4. Great site! This was exactly what I was looking for thank you!

  5. The building with the white store front used to be Lucas Brothers printing and the building next to it to the west used to be Matushek's Hardware. The building in which Calvin's was located used to be a laundromat. The building in which the currency exchange is located used to be Gouwen's drug store. J

  6. The dudleys location used to actually be district 6 police station

  7. There was an office scene. Where is photo of the office of the boss man who was ultimately taken down. Remember Cube's character visited he wanted the business? That was my broker Cass' office. The address was 79-- South Exchange.

  8. after a while sketching on the floor front of it, an old guy came out of the near barber shop. he was the proud owner of it. I asked to sketch him, and we talked a barber shop denver

  9. The car lot was Hans Motor Sales and had been in business since 1958. My father ran it with his brother. They retired in 2010 after 52 years in business. It is now part of a church parking lot. My Dad passed away in 2017 but my Uncle is still alive.