Rules, Tips, Tricks And Courtesies

The hobby of visiting filming locations can be a very fun experience but there are certain rules that should be followed to make a trip fun and safe.

1. Remember that you can take a picture of a filming location anytime from a public road. If you are visiting a house or private residence you should never go onto the property of a homeowner because that is against the law. Don't knock on the door and ask the residents questions or look into their windows as most filming locations use only the exterior of the house anyway.

2. When you visit a location that is in a public building such as a hotel lobby, grocery store, clothing store, mall etc. it is always best to talk to the owners or security of the establishment first before you start taking pictures. You show them courtesy and they will usually be more than happy to allow you to take pictures and even sometimes give you a tour of the establishment.

3. Some of the locations are in areas of a city that can be dangerous and because of that it is always best to not travel alone. Also, you could be visiting an isolated area and if you have car trouble you could be stuck without a resource to get help.

4. Be sure you make a mapping itinerary so you can see as many locations as possible so you can have a fun and safe experience. The last thing you want to do is not have the exact address. Also, I have done my best to give the correct address but there could have been a mistake in typing or maybe I have bad information on this site so double check on the internet via a map to make sure the given location is listed properly. Also, in time, a location could have been torn down. Have a fun time and take lots of pictures as everyone that is into this great hobby loves to see as many pictures of a location as possible to see how it has changed over time.



  1. Red heat was filmed in Chicago, it isn't profiled.

  2. For anyone that is as confused as I was about the Brady Bunch Season 3 Epsiode 13 (Not So Rose Colored Glasses), the portion of West 1st Street that Jan rides on at the beginning of the show has since been bought by the property owners and is no longer a cul-de-sac. That portion of 1st used to dead end into the Wilshire Country Club after a short distance, but is now a "T" intersection that ends right on Hudson Avenue. . .

  3. I was taken to our site from reading I was looking through your pictures from The Brady Bunch and notice a location that you listed that might be a mistake. In Ghost Town USA, many westerns, especially during the mid to late 1900s, were filmed in Santa Clarita, CA @ Melody Ranch Studios. the pictures you posted like HIGHLY similar to the studio, which is still very much active. I have been to the studio several times, due to it being open to the public for special events. i just wanted to write to you, so you can double check your location information regarding Ghost Town USA. Hope all works out ok.

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  6. PLEASE do "The Fabulous Baker Boys". Thx!

  7. I also love film locating, probably the most fun in preproduction. I once saw this beautiful place in Perth, and we just had to hire a crane in Perth.

  8. Also remember to NOT REMOVE THINGS from property locations, public or private, as "souvenirs" from films or TV shows. We live very near where Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller and Home Alone as well as Laverne & Shirley were all filmed or used shots from landmarks around our area and it's really obnoxious when people block up sidewalks and such over photo taking but even more so on private property thinking they can take rocks, flowers, etc. from the property as souvenirs. Take ONLY photos and please, courtesy goes a long way. The people that own these properties, especially residences, are not all as welcoming to people being there gawking as people like or expect them to be. There are some who are very blatant about telling you to GO AWAY!

    1. Thank you for adding those words. People need to be respectful!!!

  9. PLEASE do "The Fabulous Baker Boys". Thx! * slope

  10. The last boyscout: where the men are in the forest is Cedar Grove in Griffith Park just west of the Greek Theater