Many Many Thanks

When you do a website that has a lot of information it is impossible for me to find all of these filming locations on my own. Because of that I have a lot of people to thank for their input to allow me to show the world these famous filming locations. I figured to make the website look all uniform I will list all of the people here.

My wonderful sister Susie Bolland for being my transportation through the streets of Los Angeles during the 2006, 2007 and 2008 trips. Also, the many trips to Chicago. When you do location hunting it is wise to have a driver so you can easily get the pictures instead of figuring out where to park.

My best friend on the East Coast Owen Lockwood for his never giving up attitude to find locations for me on this site.

Lindsay Blake from: Iamnotastalker for her location know how

Alexander Rubinow from: John Hughes Filming Locations

My good friend Robert Patterson from: Movie Locations And More

My friends over at the Delta Bravo Team for all of their assistance in finding locations and helping with the look of the site and Facebook pages.  Thank you Danny!!

My good Chicago friend Richard Poemape for finding many missing Chicago locations!!

Josh Biggers for finding many locations outside the city of Chicago and for the many pictures he has donated to the site.

My friend Tony Hoffarth and his collection Of Great Pictures and for info on certain filming locations around Los Angeles

My friend Sandra from Orange County for a lot of great pictures and for the time her and her husband has donated.

My friend Chuck Snyder for the use of some of his pictures and for his location knowledge.

My European friend Michael from the Filminglocs website. He is amazing in finding lots of locations.

Mike from: Movie Shots LA.

The administrator and the many followers of the 1980's Website: Fast Rewind 80's Movies

My good friend Danny Schnolis from Chicago

The many anonymous location mangers and crew members from the movies and shows we all love. A great big thank you to all of you!!!!

Some of the local residents that helped me in the quest to track down these locations from their towns. Thanks!!!

The last is my wonderful friend and the Location Superstar of Los Angeles Gary Wayne from: Seeing Stars


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