U.S. Marshals

  • (0:02)  The Car Crash / W. Kinzie Street And W. Desplaines Street, Chicago

  • (0:03)  The Chicken Suit Bust / E. 79th Street And S. Euclid Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:55)  Mark J. Sheridan Goes To New York To See An Old Friend And Pick Up Some Money From A Safe / 60 E. 42nd Street, New York

  • (0:57)  The Apartment Building Sheridan Moves Into / 45 Tudor City Place, New York

  • (0:59)  Marie Bineaux Apartment / 2114 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago

  • (1:02)  Windy City Gym / 4406 W. Ogden Avenue, Chicago (Not Really A Gym)

  • (1:04)  Starbucks / 3359 N. Southport Avenue, Chicago

  • (1:09)  Gerard Visiting The United Nations Building To Get Some Answers / 1 United Nations Plaza, New York (Note: The Entrance They Use, On The Corner Of E. 44th Street And 1st Avenue, Has Been Remodeled)

  • (1:14)  All Of The Marshals Outside Of Their Hotel / One United Nations Plaza, New York (Note: The Entrance Is On The 44th Street Side Of The Building)

  • (1:19)  Gerard Crossing The Street In Downtown New York / W. Jackson Blvd Crossing Financial Avenue, Chicago

  • (1:20)  Gerard And Crew Watching The Suitcase Change Hands / The Suspects Are Crossing S. Lasalle Street East To West On W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago (Note: When Gerard Takes The Car He Is Traveling E. On W. Jackson Blvd)

  • (1:23)  Entering The Cemetery; Bohemian National Cemetery; 5255 N. Pulaski Road, Chicago

  • (1:33)  Scaling The Cemetery Wall / Rosehill Cemetery; 5800 N. Ravenswood Avenue, Chicago

  • (1:41)  Sheridan Swinging Off The Roof Of A Building And Jumping On Top Of A Train To Escape Gerard / 1825 Park Avenue, New York

  • (1:43)  Putting Deputy Newman In The Ambulance / 1039 W. Lawrence Avenue, Chicago

  • (1:44)  Agent Newman Being Rushed To The Hospital After Being Fatally Shot / Elmhurst Hospital; 79-01 Broadway, Queens (Note: The Ambulance Bay Is On The Baxter Avenue Side Of The Hospital)

  • (1:50)  The Fight In The Grain Tower / The River Seen Is The Calumet River Which Is Between S. Torrance Avenue And S. Avenue O Just Off 116th Street, Chicago

  • (2:01)  The Courthouse / New York City Supreme Court; 60 Centre Street, New York

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