To Live And Die In L.A.

Thank You To For Assisting Me In Finding Some Of These Locations

Thank You To The Film Oblivion Website For Finding The Apartment Building Near The End Of The Movie

Thank You To Vlogger Kurt Crucial From The 80s Life YouTube Series For Figuring Out The End Of The Chase Location

  • (0:01)  Arriving At The Hotel / Beverly Hilton Hotel; Merv Griffin Way, Beverly Hills

  • (0:08)  Master's House / 757 Kingman Avenue, Santa Monica  (Note:  Not Much Of The House Is Visible From The Street)

  • (0:09)  Chance Jumping Off The Bridge / Vincent Thomas Bridge; Los Angeles Harbor, San Pedro

  • (0:10)  The Bar / Ultro's Cafe; Southeast Corner Of W. 22nd Street And S. Mesa Street, San Pedro (Note: This Place Was Torn Down Years Ago. The House Seen Across The Street Is Located Across Mesa Street At 409 W. 22nd Street)

  • (0:17)  Desert Warehouse / 40038 170th Street E, Palmdale

  • (0:22)  Richard Chance's Beachhouse / 22664 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu

  • (0:26)  The Airport Bust / LAX; One World Way, Los Angeles

  • (0:37)  Chance And Vukovich Staking Out The House From The Church Across The Street / 464 E. Walnut Street, Pasadena (Note: The House Has Been Torn Down And A Hotel Now Sits On That Property)

  • (0:41)  Chance Heading To His Girlfriend's House / N. Pacific Avenue Near W. Channel Street, San Pedro

  • (0:43)  Chance Arriving At His Girlfriends House / 255 Viewland Place, San Pedro (Note: This House Has Since Been Torn Down And There Is A Little League Field And Parking Lot There Now)

  • (0:47)  Building The Credit Card Thieves Come Out Of Before The Foot Chases / 1701 N. Main Street, Los Angeles

  • (0:48)  John Vukovich Chases Down One Of The Credit Card Guys Past Some Tanks / 1601 E. 22nd Street, Los Angeles (Note: They Are Running West Approaching Compton Avenue And The Tanks And Dome Are No Longer There)

  • (0:47)  The End Of The First Foot Chase / In The Alley North Of E. 22nd Street, Vernon (Note: The Two Buildings Down On The Right In The First Screen Shot Are Still There But The Power Poles, Fence And Transformers Are No Longer There. In The Second Screen Shot, The Brick Building Located At 2050 Long Beach Avenue Is Now White But Blocked Out By A New Building)  

  • (0:48)  Richard Chance Chasing Down His Man On The Wood Bridge / 1330 N. Broadway, Los Angeles (Note: They Were Running East On The Bridge. The Is No Longer There And There Is Now A Park Where The Train Tracks Were)

  • (0:49)  The Warehouse Rumored To Be Where Masters Works Out Of / 1920 N. Main Street, Los Angeles

  • (0:49)  Masters Goes To A Pickup Basketball Game To Get Jeff Rice's Attention / Still Searching For This Location

  • (0:50)  Masters Is Making A Deal To Have Carl Coody Killed In Prison / They Are Walking By A Mural At 11227 S. Main Street, Watts (Note: The Mural Itself Is On 113th Street And Has Since Been Painted Over)

  • (0:52)  The Prison / San Luis Obispo Prison; Kern Avenue And Los Angeles Avenue; San Luis Obispo

  • (0:55)  Jeff Rice's House / 1442 F. Street, Wilmington

  • (0:58)  Courtyard To Judge's Office / 444 Flower Street, Los Angeles

  • (1:02)  Exterior Of The Hospital / The Old Linda Vista Hospital, 610 S. St. Louis Street, Los Angeles

  • (1:03)  Vucovich Walking Across The Street To A Bar / 2053 E. 7th Street, Los Angeles

  • (1:12)  The Strip Club / Shipwreck Joey's; 1331 W. B Street, Wilmington (Note: This Has Since Been Torn Down)

  • (1:14)  Train Station / Union Station; 800 N. Alameda Street, Los Angeles

  • (1:16)  Where They Try To Open The Briefcase Looking For The Money Then The Guy Gets Shot From The Street Above Them / 6th Street And Mesquit Street, Los Angeles (Note: This Bridge Has Been Torn Down And Replaced)

  • (1:20)  The Chase Sequence / East On 6th Street And Left At Mateo Street, Somehow They Are On Mesquit Street And Turn Sharp Left Under 7th Street And Into The River Bank Of The Los Angeles River, They Follow The River All The Way To Just Short Of The 110 N. Freeway.

  • (1:25)  Chance Drives Up A Tunnel To Try To Avoid The Feds / He Turns Right Or East And He Goes Under Avenue 19 And Then Makes Another Right Onto San Fernando Road, Los Angeles (Note: This All Takes Place Just South Of Where The Pasadena Freeway Crosses The Los Angeles River)

  • (1:28)  The Very End Of The Car Chase / 805 Vreeland Avenue, Wilmington (Note: They Start Out Going South On Southerland Avenue And Come Around To Spot Listed. Unfortunately This Block Of Vreeland Avenue Has Been Taken Over By The Junkyard And Stops At E. I Street And The Elevated Road Seen In The First Screen Shot Is E. Anaheim Street. The Building Seen In The Second Screen Shot With The Camera Looking West Is 1707 E. Anaheim Avenue)

  • (1:36)  Chance Going To The Apartment To Capture Carl Cody / 550 Apartments; 5050 Woodman Avenue, Sherman Oaks

  • (1:40)  Going To Make The Swap With Masters / 8051 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles


  1. Great photos.
    Being fan of this movie myself, i hope i will be at these scenes my self one day

  2. Great movie. A true Classic!

    Came all the way from Germany to check out the locations in the San Pedro / Wilmington area. Definitely worth it.

  3. One Of The First Koolest Movies I Have Ever Watched On The VCR Way Back, Not Long After It Hit VHS! I So Wanted A Caprice Classic After Seeing This Movie! ;]

  4. Where is the burger lunch scene filmed, the one that has a junkyard look to it and they sit up on a raised row of seats?

    1. I too want to know where that burger joint is with the plastic seats that look like they are eating on the roof of the restaurant. I doubt it but could it be the original sunset grill the one in don henley's 1984 song? I saw this movie 4-5 times before it left the box office.

    2. I believe it's a place called Utro's in San Pedro at the southwest corner of 22nd & Via Cabrillo Marina. To make room for an apartment house, Utro's has since moved into the parking lot of Ports O' Call, so the original location is gone

    3. Utro's. Earlier bar scene in the movie was filmed in the front bar area. They had an outside seating area with a serving window for beer and food.

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  6. Great post, thanks for this!

  7. I think the apt building is on Pasedena St in Long Beach across the st from the hospital. My buddy managed it, I have been there 100x, really looks like it.

  8. Awesome website, thanks!

  9. "(1:36) Chance Going To The Apartment To Capture Carl Cody / Still Searching For This Location" was an apartment building on woodman ave in sherman oaks. i lived in the building next door as a kid and they let us eat craft service they set up in the alley :)

    1. the building is still there,-118.43087_ll/

    2. What is the name of that country road in in the ending credts of the film and where is it location?

  10. Thank you for all this! One of my very favorite movies :)

  11. Great Job!!! Thanks!!!!