Hollywood Homicide

Thank You To Gary From The Seeing Stars.com Website For Tracking Down Most Of These Locations

  • (0:05)  Sergeant Gavilan Standing Outside Of A House On The Phone / 2300 Hercules Drive, Los Angeles

  • (0:06)  Pulling Up To The Scene Of The Crime / 1707 Vine Street, Hollywood (Note: This Building Has Since Been Torn Down)

  • (0:17)  Parking Lot After Eating Dinner / Behind 6655 Hollywood Blvd Off N. Cherokee Avenue, Hollywood

  • (0:21)  Scene Of The Murder At A Warehouse And Later The Torching Of The Car / Roughly 1200 S. Seaside Avenue, San Pedro

  • (0:24)  Police Car Parking Lot / Los Angeles Police Department; 1358 N. Wilcox Avenue, Los Angeles

  • (0:33)  The Building With The Big Glass Door / 6565 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

  • (0:54)  Restaurant Where Sgt. Gavilan Talks With Cleo Ricard / Birds Cafe; 5925 Franklin Avenue, Hollywood

  • (1:03)  House At The Venice Canals / 438 Carroll Canal, Venice

  • (1:21)  Police Department / 150 N. Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles

  • (1:25)  In The Car With The Psychic Stopping At / Two Rodeo; Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

  • (1:30)  During The Chase a Police Car Flips / W. Sunset Blvd And Southbound Gordon Street, Los Angeles (Note: The Camera Is Looking West Down Sunset Blvd)

  • (1:32)  Another Crash During The Chase This Time Envolving Sgt. Gavilan Driving One Of The Vehicles / Hollywood Blvd And Southbound Orange Drive, Hollywood

  • (1:32)  The Foot Chase Begins / TCL Chinese Theatre; 6925 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood

  • (1:33)  They Then Turn Left / Hollywood And Highland Center; Hollywood Blvd And N. Highland Avenue, Hollywood

  • (1:34)  Chase Then Goes Downstairs / Highland Station Of The Subway; 6815 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood

  • (1:35)  Sgt. Gavilan Grabs A Pink Bicycle / Corner Of Hollywood Blvd And N. Wilcox Avenue, Hollywood

  • (1:36)  They Turn Into An Alley / Just East Of 6417 Selma Avenue, Hollywood

  • (1:37)  Sgt. Gavilan Continues His Pursuit / 6250 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood

  • (1:41)  Chase Ends / Rooftop Of The Old Broadway Building; 1645 N. Vine Street, Hollywood

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  1. In this movie Hollywood Homicide at the end they are investigating a murder at a ranch, Where was that ranch?