Black Sheep

Thank You To Owen From The When Write Is Wrong Website For Tracking Down Almost All Of The Locations From This Movie!!!

  • (0:01)  Al Donnelly Giving A Speech / Corner Of S. Myrtle Avenue And W. Lime Avenue, Monrovia (Note: The Theater Marquee Was Changed For The Movie)

  • (0:05)  Buckley High School Football Field / Pierce College Football Field; 6201 Winnetka Avenue, Woodland Hills

  • (0:06)  Pierce County Rec Center / Pierce College; Off Olympic Drive On Campus, Woodland Hills (Note: The Rec Center Building Was Fake For The Movie)

  • (0:07)  Football Field Where Mike Donnelly Plays With The Kids / Pierce College; Off Olympic Drive On Campus, Woodland Hills

  • (0:08)  Steve Dodds Runs Into A Walking Drake Sabitch With His Car / 109 E. Lemon Avenue, Monrovia (Note: The Camera Is Facing West)

  • (0:09)  Dropping Scott Off At His Home / 155 N. Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia

  • (0:10)  Auto Service Station / 1710 E. Washington Blvd, Pasadena (Note: The Station Is Now Torn Down)

  • (0:11)  Barber Shop / Monrovia Old Town Barber Shop; 111 E. Lemon Avenue, Monrovia

  • (0:11)  Mike Donnelly's House / 5158 Highland View Avenue, Eagle Rock
    You Can Read More About This Location At Lindsay's Iamnotastalker Blog By Clicking This Link

  • (0:13)  Mike Donnelly Getting Dragged By The Car At The Small Store's Parking Lot / 2300 S. Isabella Avenue, Monterey Park

  • (0:14)  The Mansion / 874 W. Potrero Road, Westlake Village (Note: The House Has Since Been Torn Down And Replaced)

  • (0:15)  Hill Market / 1573 Hill Avenue, Pasadena (Note: This Building Has Changed Too Much To Recognize Anymore)

  • (0:28)  The Cabin In The Woods / Veluzat Ranch; Haskell Canyon Road, Saugus

  • (1:00)  Going To Vote / 150 N. Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia

  • (1:03)  Hall Of Records / Paramount Studios; The Building Just South Of Stage 23, 5555 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

  • (1:10)  Getting Pulled Over For Driving 7 Miles An Hour  / Golden State Highway Heading North A Couple Of Miles South Of Pyramid Lake, Castaic (Note: The Exact Spot Where They Are Pulled Over Is A Bridge Just North Of The End Of The Road So If You Visit You Will Need To Take A Small Walk To Get There)

  • (1:20)  The Airport /  Camarillo Airport; Durley Avenue And Post Street, Camarillo (Note: The Camera Is Facing South At The Beginning Of The Scene)


  1. The airport in the final scenes were filmed at the Camarillo Airport. There is a cafe in some of the scenes.

  2. The building on the paramount movie lot is called the " Hart building ". I worked there for a few years.