Thank You To Cult Filming Locations For A Lot Of The Info For This Classic Movie

  • (0:00)  The Mann Family Residence / 10414 Bloomfield Street, Toluca Lake (Note: The House Has Since Been Torn Down And A New One Now Stands There)

  • (0:00)  Driving Toward The Linder Building In Downtown Los Angeles / 845 S. Figueroa Street, Los Angeles (Note: The Building Is Still There But The Business Is Different Now. He Is Driving North)

  • (0:00)  David Mann Still Driving Downtown / 310 W. 6th Street, Los Angeles (Note: He Is Driving East And Is About To Turn Left)

  • (0:01)  Mann Driving Past The Palace Theater / 630 S. Broadway, Los Angeles (Note: He Is Driving North)

  • (0:01)  Mann Leaving Downtown And Approaching A Tunnel / California 110 Freeway At The Figueroa Tunnel, Los Angeles (Note: He Is Going North)

  • (0:02)  Mann Taking The Palmdale And Lancaster Exit From The I-5 / Interstate 5 Truck Route North, Sylmar

  • (0:05)  Mann Coming Up To the Truck For The First Time / Banquet Canyon Road, Palmdale (Note: He Is Currently Going South And Is About A Half Mile South Of Elizabeth Lake Road)

  • (0:06)  Mann Passing The Truck / Banquet Canyon Road, Palmdale (Note: He Is Currently Facing West And Is About A Mile And A Half Down The Road From The Previous Location And They Are Still Going The Same Direction On The Road)

  • (0:09)  David Mann Going To The Acton Full Service Gas Station / California Bank & Trust; 31924 Crown Valley Road, Acton (Note: He Was Traveling South As He Pulled Into The Gas Station)

  • (0:16)  The Trucker Passes Again / Angeles Forest Hwy, Palmdale (Note: This Is A Little Over Three Miles South Of Mount Emma Road And The Camera Is Looking North)

  • (0:18)  The Truck Driver Waving Him To Pass Only To Have A Vehicle Coming Toward Him In The Other Lane / Angeles Forest Hwy, Palmdale (Note: This Is About A Mile And A Half North Of Mount Gleason Road On This Curvy Stretch Of Road And The Camera Is Looking Northwest)

  • (0:19)  David Mann Using An Unconventional Method Of Passing the Semi / Soledad Canyon Road, Acton (Note: In The Screen Shot The Camera Is Looking North And This Takes Place Just South Of Crown Valley Road And The Area Has Changed And There Is No Longer A Side Road At This Spot)

  • (0:26)  Mann Crashing Into A Fence Across The Street From Chuck's Cafe And Ends Up Having A Meal There / Le Chene French Cuisine; 12625 Sierra Hwy, Santa Clarita (Note: He Was Traveling West As He Crashed Into The Fence)

  • (0:44)  Mann Pulling Over To Try To Help Get A School Bus Back Onto The Road / Soledad Canyon Road, Santa Clarita (Note: This Is About A Half Mile East Of Capra Road)

  • (0:51)  The Trucker Trying To Put Mann's Car Into A Moving Train At A Railroad Crossing / Thousand Trails Road At Crown Valley Road, Acton (Note: He Was Facing Northwest Waiting For The Train And The Road Was Configured A Little Differently Back When The Movie Was Made)

  • (0:56)  Mann Pulling In At The Snakerama Gas Station / Valero Gas Pepper Tree Farm; 9661 Sierra Hwy, Aqua Dulce

  • (0:59)  Mann Pulls Off The Road To Hide / 6201 Soledad Canyon Road, Acton

  • (1:03)  Mann Sees The Truck Yet Again / 5303 Soledad Canyon Road, Acton (Note: This Is Just South Of Bee Box Canyon. The Camera Is Looking Northeast Toward The Truck)

  • (1:15)  Driving Up To Some Road Closed Signs / Soledad Canyon Road At Crown Valley Road, Acton (Note: Mann Goes To Crown Valley Road And The Trucker Goes Straight Through The Barricades And Joins Him On Crown Valley Road. They Were Both Going Northeast And They Go Over That Same Railroad Track From Earlier In The Movie This Time Going In The Opposite Direction)

  • (1:17)  Driving Through More Barricades / Elizabeth Lake Road And Turning Right Onto Godde Hill Road, Palmdale

  • (1:23)  Spot Where Mann Crashes His Car / Vasquez Canyon Road At Mesa Drive, Santa Clarita (Note: They Were Going Northwest When Mann Lost Control Just Past Mesa Drive)

  • (1:25)  The Trucker Going Over The Cliff / Watson Circle, Canyon Country (Note: This Is On Private Property Just South Mesa Drive. This Is Less Than A Mile From The Crash In The Previous Scene)

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