The Big Bang Theory: Season 4


Episode 3; The Zazzy Situation

  • (0:20)  Sheldon At A Park Getting Rid Of The Cats / Warner Bros; New York Park, Burbank

Episode 8; The 21 Second Excitation
  • (0:06)  The Guys Miss Out On Seeing An Expanded Version Of Raiders Of The Lost Arc When Sheldon Decides To Steal The Film Reel / Warner Bros; New York Street, Burbank

Episode 10; The Alien Parasite Hypothesis
  • (0:19)  Sheldon And Amy Walking Along A City Street / Warner Bros; Hennesy Street, Burbank

Episode 11; The Justice League Combination
  • (0:18)  The Gang Witness A Car Being Broken Into And Decide To Walk Away From It / Warner Bros; Hennesy Street, Burbank

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