Chicago PD: Season 11 - Episode 1; Unpacking

  • (0:01)  Sergeant Voight Arriving At The District Parking Lot / Cinespace Studios; 2609 W. 16th Street, Chicago (Note: The Studio Is On Gated Private Property)

  • (0:04)  Upton Noticing The Residence With The Desperate Male Is A Crime Scene / 5535 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:18)  Serving A Search Warrant At Cam Boyd's House When Things Go Sideways / 2012 S. Albany Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:19)  Atwater Running To The Neighbor's House After He Hears Screaming / 1947 S. Troy Street, Chicago

  • (0:28)  The Unit All Undercover In The Park Waiting On Derrick Boyd / Humboldt Park; 1301 N. Humboldt Drive, Chicago


  1. 2012 S. Albany Avenue has been used before on this series

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