Chicago PD: Season 10

Episode 1; Let It Bleed

Episode 2; The Real You

Episode 3; A Good Man

Episode 4; Donde Vives

Episode 5; Pink Cloud

Episode 6; Sympathetic Reflex

Episode 7; Into The Deep

Episode 8; Under The Skin

Episode 9; Proof Of Burden

Episode 10; This Job

Episode 11; Long Lost

Episode 12; I Can Let You Go

Episode 13; The Ghost In You

Episode 14; Trapped

Episode 15; Blood And Honor

Episode 16; Deadlocked

Episode 17; Out Of The Depths

Episode 18; You Only Die Twice

Episode 19; The Bleed Valve

Episode 20; Fight

Episode 21; New Life

Episode 22; A Better Place


  1. I have noticed a typo. You have put in Episode "5" instead of Episode 6. Just wanna let you know.

    1. Thank you. I appreciate you looking out for me. Thank you