Chicago PD: Season 8 - Episode 14; Safe

  • (0:03)  The Unit Going To A Home That A Husband And Wife Have Been Attacked And Robbed / 1527 N. North Park Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:08)  Halstead And Upton Going To A Pawn Shop / Cermak Pawn And Jewelry; 2811 W. Cermak Road, Chicago

  • (0:11)  Upton And Halstead Following The Pawn Shop Owner Jeff Tolan To A Parking Garage / McCormick Place Parking Garage; 2301 S. Prairie Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:15)  Halstead And Upton Move Too Fast On On A Potential Arrest / 500 W. Cabrini Street, Chicago

  • (0:17)  Voight Meeting With Halstead And Upton In The Parking Lot At The District / Cinespace Studios; 2609 W. 16th Street, Chicago (Note: The Studio Is On Gated Private Property)

  • (0:21)  Responding To Another Home Invasion / 1433 N. State Pkwy, Chicago

  • (0:26)  Upton Spots Miguel Almonte Coming Out Of A Pet Shop / 2333 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago (Note: The First Building You See Is A Burger King At 2328 S. Michigan Avenue)

  • (0:26)  Halstead Finding Miguel Under A Car In An Alley / Between 2345 And 2347 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:32)  R.J. Riggs Place / 4505 S. Union Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:36)  Halstead Shoots R.J. At A Gas Station / Archer Avenue Citgo; 3820 S. Archer Avenue, Chicago


  1. It's almost like watching the highlights of the show!

  2. On the first picture the stret is North Park, not N Park. It's actually funny because that house is a block away from me and I walk by it all the time.