Chicago PD: Season 8 - Episode 12; Due Process

  • (0:02)  Voight Responding To A Shooting / 105 W. Van Buren Street, Chicago (Note: They Then Walk Over To 111 W. Van Buren)

  • (0:04)  Pulling Over The Shooting Suspect / 525 W. Quincy Street, Chicago

  • (0:05)  The Unit Watching The Pick-Up Location On Video / 155 W. Van Buren Street, Chicago (Note: The 425 You See In The Screen Shot Is For The 425 S. Financial Place Entrance)

  • (0:06)  Finding The Burned Out Suspected Vehicle / 13810 S. Western Avenue, Blue Island

  • (0:06)  Going Into A Warehouse And Finding The Wife Deceased / 465 W. Cermak Road, Chicago (Note: The Scene Takes Place Of The S. Grove Street Side Of The Corner Building)

  • (0:17)  The Latest Vehicle Dump / 1337 W. 37th Place, Chicago (Note: The Scene Took Place On The S. Loomis Side Of The Building)

  • (0:17)  Burgess And Atwater Follow Footprints Of The Possible Suspect And Ask Some Bystanders If They Saw Anything / 1443 W. 37th Street, Chicago (Note: The Address I Listed Is Not Near 37th Street As It Is The Back Side Of A Group Of Buildings. You Can Go North In The Alley Just West Of 1458 W. 38th Street And See The Building On The Left About 50 Yards From The Start Of The Alley)

  • (0:21)  Identifying Hoff Outside Of A Restaurant On Video / Fiesta Tapatia Restaurant; 2752 W. Cermak Road, Chicago

  • (0:26)  Arresting Kenny Rose Behind His Residence / 2447 W. Flournoy Street, Chicago

  • (0:32)  Going To A Warehouse To Look For Hoff / Modern Forge Drop Company; 13810 S. Western Avenue, Blue Island (Note: Voight Is Driving West Near The Southern Part Of The Property)

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