Chicago PD: Season 8 - Episode 8; To Protect And Serve

  • (0:02)  The Unit Watching The Shooting Video / 5462 S. Cornell Avenue, Chicago (Note: This Is The Address Of The Building Seen In The Background Of The Screen Shot)

  • (0:07)  Ruzek And Atwater Arresting Officer Dave Wheelan At His Residence / 517 W. 45th Street, Chicago

  • (0:15)  Atwater And Ruzek Stop In A Parking Garage / McCormick Place Parking Garage; 2301 S. Prairie Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:16)  Voight And Halstead Outside Of The Safe House / 10615 S. Avenue O, Chicago

  • (0:20)  Voight Has A Talk With T.J. Jones / 4925 S. Cornell Avenue, Chicago (Note: This Isn't The True Address For The Building As This Is The Back Side Of The Building)

  • (0:33)  Ruzek, Atwater And Wheelan Taking Fire Outside Of A Factory / 3245 E. 106th Street, Chicago

  • (0:39)  Voight, Atwater And Ruzek At A Bar / Cove Lounge; 1750 E. 55th Street, Chicago

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