Chicago Fire: Season 9

Episode 1; Rattle Second City

Episode 2; That Kind Of Heat

Episode 3; Smash Therapy

Episode 4; Funny What Things Remind Us

Episode 5; My Lucky Day

Episode 6; Blow This Up Somehow

Episode 7; Dead Of Winter

Episode 8; Escape Route

Episode 9; Double Red

Episode 10; One Crazy Shift

Episode 11; A Couple Hundred Degrees

Episode 12; Natural Born Firefighter

Episode 13; Don't Hang Up

Episode 14; What Comes Next

Episode 15; A White-Knuckle Panic

Episode 16; No Survivors


  1. Hi! I was wondering if the cast has filmed any more episodes for the new season? I only see 7. I am going to Chicago soon and would love to visit some of these locations. How often do you update the locations??

    1. There was an episode filmed in Forest Park, a suburb on the next block from my cousin. The main street, Roosevelt, was blocked off in both directions.

  2. Hello, I am not affiliated with the show. I watch the episode and then list the locations for it. Keep an eye on the Twitter page Filming In Chicago as he gives daily spots were filming takes place. I assume they are filming now but each episode is taking longer to film since they are many precautions going on. I hope this helps

  3. Was hoping to see the updates from the last episode with the proposal…