Chicago PD: Season 6 - Episode 18; This City

  • (0:02)  Responding To A Shooting / 4400 S. Princeton Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:02)  Hearing Shots Fired Near The Crime Scene To Discover Another Person Shot / 275 W. 43rd Place, Chicago (Note: This Is Between S. Wells Street And S. Princeton Avenue On The South Side Of The Road)

  • (0:08)  Ruzek Meeting With Eric Wilson On The Street / Northeast Corner Of S. Wood Street, And W. 18th Street, Chicago

  • (0:09)  The Barber Shop Where They Have The Gang Leader Meeting / Family Hair Design; 5542 S. Racine Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:11)  An Innocent Woman Is Hit With Drive By Gunfire / 4401 S. Shields, Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:30)  Looking For LaMar In A Hideout House / 4504 S. Forrestville Avenue, Chicago

  • (0:35)  Taking The Witness To The Train Station / Union Station; 225 S. Canal Street, Chicago

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